Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love this Guy's Brain and his words.

Krauthammer Warns Obama Will Suffer Landslide Election

Krauthammer :Return of the real Obama

the new Obama, today’s soak-the-rich, veto-threatening, self-proclaimed class warrior. Except that the new Obama is really the old Obama — the one who, upon entering office in the middle of a deep economic crisis, and determined not to allow “a serious crisis to go to waste” (to quote his then-chief of staff), exploited the (presumed) malleability of a demoralized and therefore passive citizenry to enact the largest Keynesian stimulus in recorded history, followed by the quasi-nationalization of one-sixth of the economy that is health care.

Interesting Notes with Attitude

Interesting notes from Bride of Rove today. I wish I could write with as much attitude as her. She can so stir up emotions I don't even know I have.

Herman Cain - the man who will bring American Idol Style Presidential Election to an end.

Unlike the incumbent, Herman Cain has at least twice identified the causes of a large failing enterprise, designed goals, achieved them, and by all accounts inspired the people he was supposed to lead. Not least, Mr. Cain's life experience suggests that, unlike the incumbent, he will adjust his ideas to reality. Read more here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily scoreboard

Daily scoreboard
Latest just out of the oven, hilarious.

A Poem to my Daughter

The day I found you.
It seems like yesterday we were toying
With the idea of adding
When I found you here with me
It was overwhelmingly uplifting

Was a cloudy day I remembered,
Thunderstorm lurking.
But I had to walk to get some air
For I am unsure of my undertaking

Then God peeked through the sky
Parted the clouds aside
A bright ray of light shone through
How unusual a sight

I looked up in the sky
With eyes closed and you inside
God and all we loved sitting by His side
Reached out and held me tight

And I know
The sky will darken and brighten
The rain will come and go
Everything will be alright

Because I now have you
Always inside
Our souls
Forever, bind.

Don Suber : Daily scoreboard

Love this. Brilliant summary.
Daily scoreboard

Althouse: "Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts."

Althouse: "Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.": "I've found that the very qualities we're most ashamed of, the ones we keep trying to reshape or hide, are in fact the key to finding real l...

Soros-Funded Group Behind Course for Journalists That Downplays 'Jihad'

via The Jawa Report.
Program launched to teach press about Muslim sensitivities blames 'right-wing activists.'
I thought most journalists already downplay waring jihad. Not enough for Soros/Media Matters/Center for American Progress/etc.. I suppose:
Read more Here.
Soros is evil. Every true south east asian knows that.

BIG FAT BIRD LIE : Obama's wind power company kills 44,000 birds a year.

Althouse: "The Obama Administration's hostility to oil and g...: "The U.S. Attorney for North Dakota hauled seven oil and natural gas companies into federal court for killing 28 migratory birds that were f...

Obama Administration Continued to Throw Money at Solyndra After Loan Default

Crony Capitalism Determined to Strike in U.S. 
More about how Obama "spends" tax payers' money - irresponsibly.

Read also Instanpundit :
SOLARGATE II? Obama Gives $737 Million Dollar Loan To Solar Company Connected To Nancy Pelosi’s Brother In Law.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moses at Play?

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I am for Herman Cain

Until someone else who has turned a losing business into a profitable one and who believes in HARD WORK, HUMILITY and GOD comes along. ( I have a problem with Romney because of Romneycare and the losses he made as a governor.).
I am rooting for Herman Cain. We don't need a president of the United States to look good and wears a nice suit, we already know what that does for us. We don't need rhetoric's and glossy presidential photo ops to motivate the country. The era where people are only limited to TV,radio and magazines is over.

One straw poll could ignite a winning campaign

One straw poll could ignite a winning campaign
Yes, we Cain.

Hilarious Hot Dog!

"Happyness is a warm bun" - Beattles

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinners tonight.

For my Church Pal & his family who is healing from a broken leg. Sweet and Sour chicken, Smoked sausage and soft peanut oyster noodles and mixed vegetables.(scribbling you see on the table is a contribution by Charlotte)
For ourselves, with boiled pumpkin and collard green.

Beauty to heal

After my previous post about Morgan Freeman, I think we need something beautiful to look at. Check it out at It is Pretty! Beautiful Art trip Ms Southern Gal made in FW.

Morgan Freeman : I'm My Own Grandpa

73 year old Morgan Freeman is not playing God (or he just might be), just playing out this Song : "I am my own Grandpa by Ray Stevens."
His bride to be is his step-granddaughter. Creepy. He cheated on his own wife with her when she was still a teenager.
So let's see, now his ex-wife is his grandma. His ex -wife's ex-husband is his stepson? Read more here.

Peter : Pain to Martyrdom (Quo vadis, Domine?)

Our Sunday School class started a new study book entitled Thriteen Apostles.We began the first with Peter.
Thoughts on this denial
Perhaps the saddest story about Peter is his Denial - when Jesus predicted he would deny him 3 times before the cock crows the night he was taken away. When I try to walk in Peter's shoes, it is painfully scary. "Here is the messiah standing in front of me, being taken away, the man I have thrown away my whole life to follow and preach his good news. I have seen him perform miracles and I know in my heart that he is God. Yet when a harmless little girl ask me twice if I know this man, I deny him both times. Instead of defending him with all of my faith, I denied the son of God." Wow! 
I cannot help but feel tremendous sadness when I read this part of the bible. Even Peter the rock, is capable of doing something like that. How weak am I? How much more human am I? No wonder the bible reminds us not to trust our deceitful heart. And then, I cannot help but think of the times I failed myself and the times I have denied others I love. I am thankful for a Loving God. For I am truly nothing without Him.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Laughing Conservative: Florida mounts a Cain mutiny

Laughing Conservative: Florida mounts a Cain mutiny: Cain -- can he do it again? Florida has rebelled against recent trends by putting Herman Cain ahead of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in ...

I like Cain, sounds sincere, down to earth, commonsensical. GOP nomination just got very interesting.  

Bristol Palin Gets in Verbal Brawl at Bull Riding Bar | Enrique Santos Radio / Entertainment / News & Celebrity Gossip

Bristol Palin Gets in Verbal Brawl at Bull Riding Bar | Enrique Santos Radio / Entertainment / News & Celebrity Gossip

First, all bets are off when you call someone's mother a "F***G Whore".
Second, what is wrong with the term homosexual?
Third, It is my wish that my daughter would have the courage like Bristol one day.

via American Power
Bristol Palin asked a perfectly good question. And of course, "homosexual" isn't a slur, but the progressive media's gay-hate enablers are on the case nevertheless. At Hollywood Gossip, for example, "Bristol Palin Harassed by Heckler, Responds With Unnecessary Gay Remark." And The Examiner, "Bristol Palin makes homophobic remarks during barroom altercation." Plus, New York Magazine calls it "polite homophobia":
Palin, who is flanked by her own film crew and the paparazzi, is clearly playing up the confrontation for the cameras, barely holding back a smile as she engages in an argument that can only go ugly places. That said, besides the relatively polite homophobia, her defense is spirited and her opponent can barely put together a sentence. It almost looks staged as Bristol taunts the guy until he screams, "Fuck you, you fucking bitch!" There couldn't be more perfect fuel for the Palin family fire.
Again, nothing homophobic about asking that. And note this from a decent fellow in the comments at Towleroad:
Sorry, folks, but that guy was way out of line. From what I saw in this video, he was the one behaving poorly, while Ms. Palin was just defending herself and her mother. I'm not fan of Sarah Palin, but that doesn't mean it is ok to heckle and harrass her daughter, and it certainly wasn't ok to heckle her about her relationship with Levi. That guy set gay rights back a few steps with his bitter, hysterical behavior.

Rick Perry's New Ad

Rick Perry's New Ad
I like this ad too, I didn't get the same chills though. I am still not 100% sure about this guy. But anything will be greater than zero.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Althouse: If you cut 3,500 calories, you'll lose 1 pound.

Althouse: If you cut 3,500 calories, you'll lose 1 pound.: Not so!
Great article. Made me stop everything and ran this morning for 20 minutes. But that's not the most shocking part. Look out for Titus's comments. You won't forget this article nor Titus after that.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Team Obama's Corruptive Stench is getting Stronger.

‘Fast & Furious’ scandal deepens--Michael A. Walsh -

Eric Holder - Attorney General of the US
I don't want to believe this to be true. I want to believe that Team Obama is incompetent not evil. But mounting evidences are proving that these men would do anything in order to crack down gun ownership in this country, hence furthering their own ideological agenda.
An estimate of 200 mexicans and an american border patrol agent have been killed. Obama's handpicked Attorney General of the US, head of the Justice Department is NOT co-operating.
"evidence strongly suggests that Fast and Furious was hatched in the Justice Department in an attempt to paint law-abiding American gun dealers and gun owners as renegades, to give the administration an excuse to crack down.
In other words, it was a deliberate provocation, undertaken without a thought for how it might affect our relations with Mexico -- or how many people might die."

Read more:

Watch Greta on secret audiotapes that have surfaced and how the Justice Department is offering zero-cooperation with investigators.

via Instanpundit  September 21, 2011
ATF GUN-SMUGGLING UPDATE: New Fast & Furious audio: Border Patrol agent killed by F&F weapons was “collateral damage.”
Plus: “Is the DOJ’s probe of Fast & Furious actually a way to derail the House’s investigation?” What we need is a special prosecutor — someone without ties to the tainted operation at Justice.