Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great hakka food blog

Great hakka food blog

Christ Christie's calm Straight Talk Surprised many at Republican Convention

It's obvious that no matter what Obama does, his approval and likeability will not drop below 44%.  The new Republican message is positive, forward and energetic. Christ Christie was saying plainly, "Hey, we feel your pain." To the struggling workers all over the country  he sounded like a good friend,  no rhetorics, just straight talk. Makes you want to buy him a beer. 
Via  Tommy De Seno 
We New Jerseyans are proud of our governor today.
We wondered yesterday which shade of the colorful orator would show up in Tampa.
There was some reservation that he may bring on the full-Jersey and simply crack wise about the President all night.  That would have been fun, but the fear was that he may act a little too tough to play in Peoria.  This is the man who has made calling people "idiot" and "moron" part of his usual political discourse.
We wondered if he would reach out past the base to show the country that he has a green side (he's a man-made climate change adherent) or his bland colors, as in NJ he now talks of "walking the boulevard of compromise" to work with Democrats.
Chris Christie traded colorful for smart.  His speech was brilliant because it went right to the personal identifier of the base without cheap pandering applause lines:  He told America the way out of tough times was acknowledging our bad situation and working our way out of it.
Trade "love" for "respect."  The new tough love.  Just brilliant.
That message was not just for government budget makers, but for Americans on a personal level.  He contrasted society's makers from the takers.  On its most simplified level, that is the difference in political thought and lifestyle between American conservatives and liberals: Those who build this and those who don't.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crony Chronicles: I Want To Be A Crony



In an economically free society, the role of business is to create value for society by producing products and services that their customers consider beneficial. If they do this while using resources wisely, they make a profit, and societal wellbeing is enhanced.
Cronyism diverts resources away from the wants and needs of consumers and toward political purposes. Cronyism occurs when an individual or organization colludes with government officials to create unfair legislation and/or regulations which give them forced benefits they could not have otherwise obtained voluntarily. Those benefits come at the expense of consumers, taxpayers, and everyone working hard to compete in the marketplace.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This time, the Republicans get it,

and they've found a dynamic, fearless 21st century guy in Paul Ryan. 
Even Mitt Romney has become cooler, tougher, looser, and more 
forward-looking since Ryan joined him on the trail.
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Raid Medicare in order to win votes from the young people.

Taking 700 billion away from the old and feeble and giving it to the young and healthy is not a very good plan for providing health care for those that need it most,this move was done to get the most amount of votes and its been done at the expense of those who are the most vulnerable in our society.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan: Let's pass bill to cover moon with yogurt

Obama's entire presidency focused on Obamacare, and the mantra was and still is  "It will Not cost anybody anything". Do they think people are that stupid? That 30 million uninsured will be added to the existing broken insurance system and it will cost nothing? See, it is all a game of accounting fantasy. Here is an example Ryan gave. I admire him for his guts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Study out there that says the net worth of Canadians is now higher than that of Americans. The study is impenetrably absurd, and so are the pundits touting it.

Great Britain’s Winston Churchill said, that “redistributing wealth is like standing in a bucket trying to lift oneself up by the handle.”

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Barack Obama Runs On Empty

knows his election and presidency were social engineering gone wrong. He knows his biography is unraveling faster than the baseball that Roy Hobbs crushed into the rain in the movie "The Natural." He knows that he has run out of all options but one: Go negative on Mitt Romney 24/7 and hope a heretofore compromised mainstream media will once again unethically act as his surrogate.
Unfortunately for Obama, two massive holes exist in his "demonize Romney with an assist from the media" campaign tactic.
First, most Americans who are paying attention to this contest have come to the conclusion that Romney is a very decent and moral person who does have a fairly impressive business background coupled with some other real-world experience.

3 things to note on Paul Ryan's Plan

Liberal left are trying to lie about Paul Ryan. He is an honest, intelligent and patriotic man who will put this country back on the path to prosperity. 

3 Things Every Voter Needs to Know About Paul Ryan's Medicare Reform Plan - in 100 Words

AP File
1. No one over the age of 55 would be affected in any way.
2. Traditional Medicare fee-for-service would remain available for all. “Premium support”—that is, government funding of private insurance plans chosen by individuals—is an option for those who choose it. No senior would be forced out of the traditional Medicare program against his will.
3. Overall funding for Medicare under the Ryan-Wyden plan is scheduled to grow at the same rate as under President Obama’s proposals. Is this “gutting Medicare” and “ending Medicare as we know it”? In reality, it’s the market giving seniors cheaper, higher quality choices they can take if they wish, with the traditional program remaining an option.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

World Over Special - 04-20-12 - Rep Paul Ryan on Morality of the Federal...

Paul Ryan Energizing the Conservative Base?

At least for me, I am holding back on packing our bags. It was getting depressing seeing how Romney doesn't seem to provide a concrete strategy that works. It really looked like Obama was going to win again. Now with Paul Ryan on the ticket, we are in for an exciting election. He is so confident, so smart and so calm. There could not have been a better choice. Good job, Romney, on picking the right running mate.

Ryan- "IF you have a small Business, You Did Build That!!"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Althouse: The psychiatrists could have done more to stop the...

Everyone talks about guns but no one is talking about the mental illness.

Althouse: The psychiatrists could have done more to stop the...: Dr. Lynne Fenton did contact the University of Colorado Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team, but it "never came together." "It...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Althouse: "Is Medical School a Worthwhile Investment for Wom...

Very Interesting. In Singapore, there is a lesser number of female medical students enrolled every year for the same reason.

Althouse: "Is Medical School a Worthwhile Investment for Wom...: "Even though both male and female doctors both earn higher wages than their PA counterparts, most female doctors don't work enough hours at ...