Monday, October 31, 2011

Honestly, I am spooked by Halloween!

Weien is Ironman
Charlotte is monster robot. 

The one Holiday that makes me feel most guilty is Halloween. It is one of those occasions that you can never do too much. Unlike Christmas, it is more about Fun, crazy, let-your-hair-down kind of fun, at least to the kids it is. Then it is really a time that test your creativity and for Type A people, it is hard not to push your last year's limit and create a greater WOW factor. Or that indescribably satisfying feeling when all the kids think you are cool and your children throw their arms around you and yell "Thank you Mommy! You are so COOL!".
It is not about gifts but about how ingeniously clever you can be, utilizing the cheapest materials to come out with the "kid-scariest" (which is a challenge in itself- bearing in mind, kids are a range between 0-14). It is like I don't know, letting that child inside you balloon and take over your mind for a few weeks, consult  and co-operate with your grown-up self to pull together a stunt which will make you anticipate and hope like crazy; you would scare as many kids as possible.
It is that time of the year when you laugh sinisterly to yourself as you plot against your children and it feels so great. And for many days,you wish for screams, panic and total fear. And then you learn how attitude and trust means everything for when your children see you burst into an evil laughter, they know instantly you have won and they have lost- in letting you tricked them, so calm returns instantly as well. Smiles and pride that they are your children take over. And you know in a few minutes, your popularity will swear, words would spread far and wide and you would be the most talked about as they gather more crowd to you until a even cooler competitor parent appears.  And  when the lights turn down at the end of the night, your kids look at you, lean forward and kiss you, wrap their arms around you so tight you feel you have now become a total part of them. There will be silence as they still don't know how to verbalize their awe and gratitude, except that you know you have now succeeded in creating the tribal and most primitive feeling of a sense of belonging. Then when you hear those 3 magic words - I love you, you can heave a sigh of relief, once again, you succeeded. Now, how are you going to outdo this next year?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10 minutes and you know about China

Storyteller upon the Spirit of the Red River produces a Spooky Cruise on Halloween; see half price offer at

Looking for something different to do this Halloween? Red River Cruise’s Annual Spooky Cruise is back, and the DealChicken’s got the scoop on savings.

For $20 you and a friend can celebrate the spookiest night of the year on a Halloween Cruise—half off the regular $40 price.

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Established in 1995, the Red River Cruise company's Spirit of the Red is a U.S. Coast Guard-certified, 35-passenger vessel. Atop the spacious observation deck, you'll hear about the history of the Red River.

The Merchant, not DealChicken, is solely responsible for this Deal. This Deal is subject to the Terms of Service and HOW DEALCHICKEN WORKS.

The Spirit of the Red River Cruise Captain Sandy Jackson operated his first towboat when he was just 12. The experience managed to hook him on life on the river, and he obtained his captain's license when he was only 20. Jackson joined the U.S. Navy and served four years in Vietnam. Upon his return, he resumed cruising on the river.

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