Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am for Herman Cain

Until someone else who has turned a losing business into a profitable one and who believes in HARD WORK, HUMILITY and GOD comes along. ( I have a problem with Romney because of Romneycare and the losses he made as a governor.).
I am rooting for Herman Cain. We don't need a president of the United States to look good and wears a nice suit, we already know what that does for us. We don't need rhetoric's and glossy presidential photo ops to motivate the country. The era where people are only limited to TV,radio and magazines is over.

We now have countless real time journalists/bloggers and critics on the Internet providing and policing the government's policies. What we want to see is a president who puts his action where his mouth is. Roll up his sleeves and get down to work. Not vacationing and operate in campaign mode most of the time. We need the President of US to be a leader to lead the world. That is his job, apart from leading his own country.We need him to be involved and be passionate about leading his people. Because a strong America is a better world for anyone. Don't buy it? Ask China.
We need one who understands how to build a successful small business which is the critical component that must be in place in order to "grow us out of this economy". A great many phenomenal innovations are grown out of the idea of a person or a small group of people ( ie small businesses). Herman Cain understands the building blocks that will overcome this economy. He is not sexy, doesn't have a wife with sexy clothes (election made supermodel) and he does not have flowers and arugula stuck in between his teeth. But which real man you know cares about such thing?
As with other issues eg foreign affairs. It takes a man/ woman with strong integrity and humility to govern effectively. If the principles are strong, the decision will be too. It is common sense. If a leader is honest( to his people, to God and to himself), he will not make dishonest decisions. Yes, it is that simple. No one says he will not be hated. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most hated Presidents in this country, but he was truthful and fearless because he was truthful. In the end, only the truth can set this country free. 

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