Friday, September 16, 2011

A Quote on Liberty According to Hoyt

This paragraph from Hoyt kept ringing in my head all day. It reminds me so much of my mother's words, "you need to know when to stop, even when you are winning." Coming from a heritage plagued with rebellion and revolution, when carving our own independence, Singaporeans did everything we could to prevent the next one. Sometimes, I do wonder if we over did it, but hey, at least I can afford to sit in peace to do such wondering. 
via According to Hot on Sweet Liberty
"You’ve won the revolution. Do you know what the mark of a GOOD revolutionary is? He knows when to put down his musket and go back to his farm. He knows when to shake hands with his neighbor who was on the other side. He knows when to make his rule so just, so fair that no one would contemplate returning to the former rule.
And he does not look for counter revolutionaries under ever bush and hallucinate that the war is still ongoing. Because then they just lock him up and beg the old regime to take over once more. Or start looking around for a Bonaparte."

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