Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ladies, Be Prepared To Fall In Love If You Have Sex

Ladies, Be Prepared To Fall In Love If You Have Sex

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Sanyo HPS MC3 Nonstick- Electric Multi-Cooker

This is a three-in-one multi-function electric cooker works great for grilling, steaming, and slow cooking. Great also as a chinese hot pot for entertaining a crowd.The unit's generously sized 4-1/2-quart pot can be used to cook up a batch of chili, soup, or stew for the family, and its grill plate works great for making grilled-cheese sandwiches, pancakes, or perfectly shaped crepes. The non-stick titanium-coated cooking pot and grill plate ensure even heating, effortless food release, and quick cleanup. Even more, the multi-cooker comes with a handy steam tray for steaming vegetables, fish, and other healthy foods. The unit provides user-friendly controls and adjustable temperature settings from keep warm to 460 degrees F.

To Tuna, with Love

You can see the reflection of my pine trees in the soy sauce. How zen.
Who would have thought Kroger would sell Sushi grade Tuna ? Needless to say, what would have cost me $25 excluding tips at a restaurant is now only $5. Tuna Sashimi, you cannot get any simpler and healthier. After 3 days of experimenting my dream chicken wings recipe, I really need something simple and clean. Takes me 3 minutes to assemble this lunch. All it needs as a companion is some green tea. Below are some nutritional facts about tuna from Hub Pages

Nutrient Values of Fresh Tuna: per 100g
  • Vitamin. B1 (Thiamin): 0.501mg
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 0.057mg
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin): 11.936mg
  • Vitamin B6: 1.038mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.0mg
  • Calcium: 21mg
  • Magnesium: 64mg
  • Iron: 0.94mg
  • Potassium: 569mg
  • Zinc: 0.67mg
  • Copper: 0.082mg
  • Protein: 29.97g
  • Sodium: 47mg
  • Calories: 139kcal
  • Total Fat: 1.22g
Health Benefits
  • Tuna's omega-3 fatty acids content is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It benefits the cardiovascular system by helping to prevent erratic heart rhythms, making blood less likely to clot inside arteries (which is the ultimate cause of most heart attacks), and improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to potentially harmful (LDL) cholesterol.
  • Excellent source of protein, the major building material for muscle, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. In addition, protein is essential in fueling your metabolism, maintaining muscle tone and helping your body burn fat.
  • Tuna's vitamin B content helps maintain and build red blood cells and increase energy levels.
  • Help relieve joint pains due to inflammation.
  • Helps decrease in dry eye syndrome and reduced risk of age-related eye disease.
  • Help reduce the occurrence of renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer).
  • Inhibit the growth of breast cancer.
  • Tuna's fatty acids can help contribute to healthy brain function and also help postpone cognitive decline in the elderly.
  • Helps reduce symptoms of depression and ADHD.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salmon Head Soup with Miracle Noodle Soup

My apologies! This dish is not for the faint-hearted. Personally, I love fresh Salmon fish head so much, I can eat it everyday. It is loaded with good fish fat and collagen. The Omega-3 oils in salmon keep the blood vessels clean and keep the fats in the blood in solution, maintaining healthy artery walls. It's absolutely proven now that those who eat fish twice a week, have far less heart disease, chest pain, stroke, arteriosclerosis ... the fish oil - cholesterol link is now well established.So here it goes, pat 2 small salmon heads with flour and lightly pan sear them in order to lock the juices in. Boil 2 cups of water, sliced ginger, a dash of chinese cooking wine, 2 stalks of green spring onions, a teaspoon of soy sauce, a tsp of oyster sauce and a dash of salt. Gently drop the salmon heads and let them simmer for about 20-30mins. Then drop a few stalks of preferred vegetables and a bunch miracle noodles. Turn off heat and let it sit for about 10 mins. If you like strong flavours, you can adjust the seasoning accordingly and if you like super soft texture, boil longer. Before slurping your dinner, add a dash of sesame oil and/ or chilli oil ( if you like it spicy). If you prepare this for someone else who cannot look at the head, just drain the broth and add slices of fish fillets instead. If you are a rookie at fish head eating, Beware! There are a lot of bones. Eat carefully and preferably, no conversations.It's yummy and healthy and most of all, it's very comforting.

Being ‘hung up’ about sex isn’t so horrible

I read this while cooking my dinner, below is an extract from Read more if you are interested at

"Sex is a thing of enormous power. It has brought down kingdoms (and governorships, more close to home). It has united powerful families. Sex has caused murders and assassinations, sealed marriages and ended them. It has led to children and to the murder of children through abortion. It has given us literature and sculpture, both elevated and base. It has given us beautiful love stories and terrible song lyrics.
But it is no trifle. If the Church has been ‘hung up,’ the world has been reckless and irresponsible The Church has at least tried to teach us that sex has consequences more grave and wonderful than the physical, while the world has tried to teach us that it is a worthless thing, devalued and diminished once the conquest and pleasure have passed.
Some may call this right-wing, conservative clap-trap. But an epidemic of depression and anxiety in young men and women testify to the pain of connections made and broken. The markers of the dead, lost to HIV, also disagree. And generations of young, poor children with no fathers and scarcely any mothers all testify to the misuse and abuse of one of the most wonderful, and powerful, forces in the world.
Maybe it’s not so bad to be ‘hung-up’ after all."

Instapundit is like potato chips, You just cannot get enough of it.

If you are a conservative, odds are you are already an Instapundit junkie. Glenn Reynolds  and the pajamas media have taken politics to a new level. Offering a more balance views on current affairs globally. If you live outside of america, like I used to for 30+ years. I no longer need to rely on Newsweek, Times and NY Times for my news. Thank God for Wall Street Journal, the hate mongering of the USA is more moderated. Now, everyone on the internet can read and gather more perspectives about a situation or decision made by politicians in this country. Why bother? One might ask. Afterall, USA is in the depth of all depths of economic troubles and China is The superpower. But if you truly understand the political process of these countries, you would also understand why the american constitution had stood time for over 200+ years and why while all is glitz and glow with China now, the underlying bubbling discontent cannot be ignored. Like it or not, USA is still an enormous political force for the world and the more we accurately know about what is really going on in this country, instead of relying on one bias source of information, the more we make intelligent analysis. In turn, we make decisions that would affect our next generation. For me, it can be as simple as, do I buy any milk products made in China? Or toys made in China?( even though my uncle owns a toy factory in China) or do I want to send my kids to an american college and if yes, which one. What do I have to do as a parent in order to live up to my promise to them that I would help them find their authentic self? Does that not involve finding what is authentic and true to begin with? So thank you Instanpundit and all at Pajamas Media, you make my "job" as a parent so much easier and did I say pleasant and hilarious?

"Stuck" is my girl's survival word

Stuck on Daddy

At barely 22 months, her first sentence was :" mommy, this foot stuck" when I found a splinter in her sole. When she chokes or drinks down the wrong pipe.The numerous times she was caught between furniture or landed herself in a position where untangling herself required motor skills of more than a 2 year old. Whenever she is in a position where she perceives help is needed because after numerous tries, she was not going to resolve the situation on her own. Her survival verb is : "STUCK!". Every time she applies that word, attention is rendered immediately. She has learned to trust that word so much she is beginning to get really creative with it. Seconds ago, watching me work, with a soft but serious tone,  she said : "Mommy, poopy stuck". Yes, she is constipated. Time for recipes that wold unstuck her.

Monday, August 29, 2011

.....and then there is STEVIA!

Courtesy of wikipedia Links!

Stevia stands for Stevia Rebaudiana and it is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family. They can be found in the wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10% Stevioside, account for its incredible sweetness, making it unique among the nearly 300 species of Stevia plants. Refined sugar has zero nutritional value and it has been implicated in numerous degenerative diseases while Stevia has none of these drawbacks. It has virtually No calories and completely natural. It is a safe substitute for sugar unlike any other artificial sweeteners. It is sweeter than sugar, so it is important to find your own idea amount to use, you do not want to raise your sweet buds too high and have them crave for sweets all the time. While it is extremely heat stable, it does not caramelized like sugar. So recipes like Flan and meringues would be a challenge. It is available in liquid or powder. For most of us, powder form might be easier to get used to. More and more branded beverages are beginning to completely replaced their sweeteners with Stevia. Perhaps I can finally have my sweet piece of cake and eat it!

Tobymac - City on Our Knees with Lyrics

That which feeds my soul......

WeiEn showed me a really neat game on the computer. Spin-Art. You literally pick the colours you want and hold what looks like tube of paint and spin it whichever way you like to create a beautiful  art piece. Whenever I attend my Sunday school class, it is like seeing a group of people spinning rainbows of aura around them. God touches everyone differently and hence each witness is different. On witness, this is what we closed with: The tool to our witness is not how great we are in worldly terms, but how in the face of sin and trials, we humble ourselves and ask for God's grace and forgiveness. How we live our lives speaks much much louder than words to those who does not know Christ. This Sunday school group consists of a mixture of everyday people - the flamboyant, the meek, the pessimist, the optimist and so on. And for one hour, we are invited to walk together and drink from the oasis of spiritual life. It is always punctuates with laughter and ends with a prayer and laughter and it always have a fabulous breakfast made by volunteers.

VJC Wings - version 1

I fried this batch of Tumeric chicken wings to replicate the chicken wings we used to adore in VJC pioneer batch days. Most of us must have one a day at least. It was sold at the nasi lemak store. Some of us remember it to have batter. If you remember other details please let me know. I used only tumeric, salt and dry flour. I think we are short of curry powder.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hand Pressed Coffee

Stew pressing coffee using very hot water.

Every morning, as long as he is in town, he would wake up at 1630 wee hours and prepare this hand pressed coffee like a daily ritual.Watching him set up like is watching him lined all the stars in a peculiar constellation. Everything has to be perfect, the temperature of the water, the quality of the Coffee and of course, the patience to pressed it slowly. All the preparation and effort only to see literally droplets of coffee drip at the other end of the press. He says, it is the only way to give his coffee justice. When he finally made a flask for himself, he would make one for me and place it on the kitchen counter. Some say Love is an Action word, this man has added an indescribable aroma to it.
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Left-over Pork Chop Sa Cha Style

This is a great dish to eat with rice. Sa Cha (沙茶), or paste is used primarily in Taiwanese and Teochew cruisines. Simply follow the instruction from the back of the tin. I usually use 1 large tablespoon of sauce and heat it in the pan first before placing meat and vegetables in together. I don't eat a lot of salt  but you can always add salt and sugar to enhance the taste accordingly. The Singapore Satay Bee Hoon is a only slightly similar in taste of shrimp and some spices. South East Asian satay sauce has curry and  is peanut based. Sa Cha is an acquired taste; not a favorite  for those who does not like the smell or taste of shrimp. It is made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilli,   brill fish, and dried shrimp. It has a savory and slightly spicy.
This sauce has multiple uses:
  • as a base for soups
  • as a rub for grilled meats
  • as a stir fry sauce
  • as a  dipping sauces, as used in hot pot meals

My Kitchen Snippets: Fried Mee Hoon with Sa Cha Sauce

Here is a great recipe for Sa Cha Sauce.

My Kitchen Snippets: Fried Mee Hoon with Sa Cha Sauce

Secretly, I do Scream for Ice Cream

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This blog has great recipes for ice cream and other dessert. Its call Precious Moments.

This smile launches a 1000 recipes

WeiEn was 3 in this picture, yet, Stew and I could not stop looking at it. As you can see, he loves my homemade strawberry sauce. How can I not cook for such a happy food taster?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apricot & Walnut Scone

A friend gifted me this lovely heart shaped walnut & Apricot Scone  ( with lemon curd and whipped butter) from Glenwood Tearoom. Of course, it became Stewart's dessert tonight.  Glenwood tearoom is a beautiful tea house with great decor and food. I will soon be writing a review on the whole glenwood tearoom experience and probably post a few of their classic recipes.

Perk that Chop with tangy blueberry sauce

This is an exquisite sauce - balsamic vinegar to blueberries  frozen is fine) 1:1. Let it simmer at low heat on the stove for 15-20 mins until all the vinegar is burnt off. You should  get a thick consistency. If you like it sweet, add sugar or liquor of your choice, otherwise this in itself is awesome. As with the pork chop, I seasoned with garlic powder and salt and just pan seared it for about 3-5 mins on each side. When you remove it from the pan, use a piece of foil to wrap it so it will cook some through around the bone area.

Soul-delicious Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day but we go a little fancy on weekends. The traditional bacon and eggs is still soul-delicious. I like my eggs cooked lightly with yolk not quite done and love my vegetables by the side. Salty bacon, rich and creamy eggs with the fresh taste of tomatoes.....yum. I am instantly transported to the medieval bed and breakfast cottage at The Talbot Inn, Much Wenlock, UK.

Bacon wrapped Salmon Lunch

Bacon never fails to deliver. Always a good way to perk up your entree. Today, I use Salmon, it can be any protein, even tofu and it would taste out of this world. I love the skin so I seared that first, then use a chinese wok with curved sides to fry the bacon side in such a way that the thin end is sitting on the curved side of the wok. So it would give it a balance height and crisp the entire bacon. Of course, I also use  tooth picks to secure them and remove when it is time to serve. Side today is avocado, onion and tomatoes salad. A splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Fish was so perfectly cooked, I did not need any sauce.

Home made Ice Cream

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I absolutely love this blog :
Ms Ju, the blogger gives a detail account on how she made her own mango ice-cream. I cannot test this recipe now but definitely after I achieve my ideal weight. 

Interesting random observation from Shreveport on Hurricane Irene

Just read an interesting blog oh how the media is overly whipping us into a frenzy with Hurricane Irene. Yes, they are bad, but getting all crazy is not going to help anyone. Read more on  So it goes in Shreveport blog.

Everyone has a favorite alphabet

Mine is F. When I was younger, F stood for Freedom, Fun, Fantabulous! When I was working and charting my career, F words, function as stress relieFers. Yeah, those budget & deadline meeting, tender bidding, sales & employee turnover target days were brutal and I was no goody 2 shoes. When I finally Found someone I want to be married to and Focus on having a Family, I almost never revisited the bad Fs anymore. Just like that, the power of family  taught me that those bad Fs create anxiety for people around me and it will be selFish and inconsiderate to use them. Now, only Four Fs rule my world and thoughts : Faith, Family, Friends and Food. What is your favorite letter or letters?

Emergency Chicken

Chicken grease from preparation
watched my son drew himself battling bad guy while cooking
No kidding, this is so simple to fix, I don't even call it a recipe. It is what I call a bandit hunger fix. It is not necessarily quick, but it is so easy you will feel it seems quick enough. No marinating, no coating and only 2 ingredients - chicken and salt. I shall one day blog about the first aid kit of hunger fixes. I like to buy smart chicken, as they are leaner and healthier and often, smaller. As a dark meat lover, I usually choose the thigh and it is also cheaper in the US. In Asia, it's the opposite. Simply place the towel-dried thighs skin side up into a completely dry and moderately heated frying pan and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes on one side on medium or slightly lower than medium heat. It would start to crisp as the chicken fat melts and cooks itself. if you can easily slide the chicken with a light push, it is ready to turn, then repeat the same process. It might splatter a little if chicken is wet, if that happens, place a cover on it but leave a little gap so your chicken would sear instead of boil. Once most of the water on the skin is burnt off, it will start to crisp. Depending on how cold or how big your chicken, the cook time can vary. I always cover the chicken after turning off the heat for about 10 mins This will ensure it is cook through, harder when the bones are attached and keep the juice from running out. For those who love salt, season the chicken before you place it into the pan. You will end up with perfectly cooked chicken (you can tell once you see the ligaments pulled away from the bone on the drumstick) and a lot of chicken grease to discard. I like to eat it just like that and it has a different texture then a baked chicken. Stewart loves to eat it with BBQ sauce and the kids love it chopped into cubes and eat with rice or potatoes. Sometimes on Sunday, I would make a batch and use them for salad or soup over the week. While the chicken is sizzling away, I could play with my kids or clean or even have a conversation with my husband. The thing to note is, don't rush even though it is easy. It does still need LOVE....check it, don't move it a whole lot but listen and feel it getting ready to present itself to you............

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chicken with Fish maw soup

Just heard from our eldest son, Thomas who is at kings point, NY, that Hurricane Irene will touch down their way on Sunday. According to my NYC friend, Sandra, NYC has imposed an evacuation of low-lying coastal areas and Mass Transit will shut down completely noon Sat. Thinking and praying for all those in north east, I decided tonight we need something to warm our souls. Napa cabbage has such fresh sweetness in itself, the more you cook, the more fragrant it gets. Kids need some starch to sooth their tummy. So a slow cooked pot of brown rice is perfect for them.

Shout Shout Let it All Out......

Time to account for my weight loss. Since I started last Friday, I have lost a total of 3 pounds. Simply by eating no carb or sugar. Including fruits. I did however, eat ALL vegetables including carrots and tomatoes even though they have sugar in them. But definitely no sugar even in my coffee. And only tiny pinches of salt in cooking. And no salt when I use low sodium soy sauce in a recipe. I feel much better and energetic already. I kind of had a crave today for something sweet so I took 3 sips of diet coke and that took care of it. I don't have huge desire for sweets especially watching the weight dropping. I'm motivated!  I am however, going to include an excercise program in about 10 days. For now, it is sugar busting and walk.

Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodles are true! And so easily available on amazon. A guilt free indulgence for those of s who love noodles. It has zero calories, soy free, gluten free and made in USA.  So what is it made of? It is also known as the shirataki pasta in Japanese or Juruo in Chinese. Known for its health benefits in China since 2000 years ago. It is made from the root of a plant called Konnyaku imo which is a soluble fiber of the plant, as such it only contains a healthy soluble fibre known as gulcomannan. Since it is largely fibre, it has remarkably zero calories.
This kind of noodle acts like Mung Bean noodles which is made from green beans. It will absorb the flavors of any sauce or dish it sits in.
Cooking instruction : drain the water out of the package and rinse the noodles in cool water for 10-15 seconds. Blanch in boiling water for about a minute. Place a paper towel to dry and then just add to your favorite dish of soup, gravy, stir fry or even salad. Easy enough?  

First Day of School Bento

Weien gets his favorite Uncured Organic Beef Hot dogs with wheat bun, sliced sara lee bread for kids with strawberry jelly. And ShuEn gets chicken and scramble eggs. Their desserts are strawberries and mini chocolate chip cookies.

Left-over Salad Lunch

Left over stir fry vegetables with leftover chunks of sunday fried chicken, salmon and a 5 spice hard boiled egg ( I make a batch almost every 2 weeks to use as snacks or handy meat substitutes).

Basa Fish Dinner

Basa Fish Fillet pan seared and topped with cheddar cheese. Crunchy Bacon and stir fry veg on the side. Highlight of the dish - 3 min saffron parmesan sauce.

Chinese style Ginger Egg Plant Chicken dinner

To a small amount,warm wok of Ginger and garlic infused oil, add chicken pieces ( I love bones but you can debone) and already fried and set aside egg plant. Season with soy sauce and sweet cooking rice wine. Trick is set the chicken skin side down then don't touch for about 5-10 mins until the skin is crisp and when you stir fry it, add seasoning. Don't stir too much, the more the slow heat gets to the skin, the more it will crsip. Slow heat and no cover, as usual, listen and watch how it goes. Great dish with rice.

Tuna Quick Tossed Snack

Canned Tun, with sweet red onions, cherry tomatoes. A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and a splash of sesame oil.

Salmon Mung Bean noodles in Japanese broth

Some nights my dinner has to be late. I try to eat something healthy and low carb of course. This dish is prepared with japanese broth and add mung bean noodle, which is made of green beans. I had some left over salmon so I toss it in also.It also taste a lot better with a little Japanese pepper. Really wakes your taste buds.

Salmon dinner

Salmon with Saffron lazy-man hollandaise sauce. It's lazy-man because I instead of standing by the stove and whisk a big bowl of butter and egg yolks, over a hot water bath for at least half an hour, I just used a tablespoon of Hellmann's Mayonaise. Which is by far the best mayo and love the mess free squeeze bottle. The sauce will look much better if I had whisk the mayo with some cooking rice wine to break it up into a nice consistency first before I heat it with the saffron thread water solution. It taste really great nonetheless  and definitely has a wow factor.

Late night smoked salmon quick fix

This is my all time favorite. Sugar is a definite no no late at night, but a growling stomach means no sleep too. So here is a quick fix smoked salmon with poached egg. Deliciosa!

smoked salmon

Low carb snack

Left-over chives and Salmon cubes stir fry with Chinese dried shredded cooked pork (Pork Fu ). It's quite dry but taste a little sweet and salty. Sweet because the dried shredded pork has sugar in its preparation but not too much. Have to eat with a little tea spoon. Asians love this kind of dish with beer and name them pei jiu xiao chai which means "little dish to accompany the alcohol". Only a few teaspoon and it will satisfy that snack craving for the afternoon.

Albasha Greek and Lebanese Restaurant, Shreveport Louisiana - Restroom Review

3 Smiles - what looks like a handicap cubicle was locked. No reason given. Quite clearly marked although it is right at the other corner of the restaurant. You probably need to ask a waiter if you are the first time there. The hallway to the restroom actually have a window and it is bright and cheery. Inside though it is not that bright. Generally clean and dry. Bins are well kept with bags placed on them. No diaper changing table. Looks like it does get cleaned more than once a day.

Restrooms do talk........

It's a truism! Clean toilets  indicate how clean a restaurant is. How much priority is placed in cleanliness and how efficient is their operational process. Here is my philosophy : If what meets the eyes aren't clean, can you imagine that which doesn't? So yes, it matters to me if a toilet is clean at a restaurant. If the manager cannot run the logistics or the cleaning operation of their restroom, I don't even want to think about the state of the ingredients they keep or their food preparation station. Almost always, I determine whether I would be a repeated customer by taking their toilet condition into consideration. Especially with young kids, a well equipped and well kept toilet adds so much pleasure to the overall restaurant experience than a lack of it. I am going to start reviewing restaurant restrooms whenever a visit one. But of course, I can only rate the ladies room.

Here is the grading system for the restrooms rated on this blog:

3 smiles means Good and Clean Restrooms
  • Equipments in working condition
  • Provision of basic amenities i.e. hand soap, toilet paper, etc
  • little odour,almost litter-free
  • Reasonably dry floor and facilities
4 smiles means Excellent Restrooms
  • Equipments in working condition
  • Provision of basic amenities i.e. hand soap, toilet paper, etc
  • No odour, litter-free
  • Reasonably dry floor and facilities
  • Special delights and/or user-friendliness facilities (at least 1 of the stated)
5 Smiles means Exclusive Restrooms
  • Equipments in working condition
  • Provision of basic amenities i.e. hand soap, toilet paper, etc
  • No odor, litter-free
  • Reasonably dry floor and facilities
  • Special delights, user-friendliness and/or eco-friendly facilties (at least 2 of the stated)
There are 3 major criteria which I would assess of a restroom. Namely

(i) Provisions & Conditions
(ii) System of Maintenance & Comfort Level
(iii) Special delights and User-friendliness


  • Clear Signage
  • Clean & Dust Free Door
  • Dry & Litter Free Vanity Top
  • Functional & Clean Taps
  • Stain Free  Mirror
  • Working Hand Dryers
  • Flush functionality ( sensor/manual)
  • Clean Sanitary Bins

  • Good Toilet Layout
  • General Ventilation
  • Concealed Pipework
  • Modesty Boards for Urinals
  • Ledge/Hook for placing belongings
  • Diaper Changing Station
  • WC for Children
  • Fully functional Handicapped Toilet for the Disabled
  • Easy access with Ramps
  • Cleaner's compartment that's neat and adequately stocked

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You wake up in the wee morning, hungry for a warm southern breakfast with grits, bacon, eggs & a fluffy biscuit. But time is of the essence. What can drive to a gas station and assemble for yourself - the Breakfast in Cup. Something you can eat while you wait for the gas to fill (ok,not an appetizing sight for some us) or wait till you get to the office and waltz through the wiff of bacon holding your B-cup. You now also have an alternative food accessory, other than Starbucks!


My 5 year old son, Weien, loves to play with words. At 3, he referred to his Big toe as Thumb Toe, impersonates clouds and trees. Formulated his own fantasy book of maps involving traveling in a time machine, dueling the bad cowboys, being led by the friendly ghost (Pedro, who plays with him for the first month at his school playground), discovering the short cut to "the land of all good things". He tirelessly illustrates his stories, entertaining not just himself, but healing my soul. He would always say something that stuns us. I have decided to keep a record of them, its simply too precious to forget....

3 august 2011 
Weien asked: Mommy do you love me? answer: Of course I love you, in fact, more than I love myself. WeiEn: I don't want you to do that. I want you to love yourself more. Answer: Why? Weien: so you can take better care of me.

20 august 2011
His dad just disciplined him with a stern tone and I found him hiding under the covers everytime his father enters the room, when I asked him why he is avoiding his dad, he said " because when I see him, I feel Not proud of myself."

A few thousand steps to uncover my thinner core begins this week.....(edited)

Dec 22 2011
If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for my motivation of starting the blog. It started off with the intent of taking control of my weight problem. Over time, it has become more a journal of my thoughts and life experiences mixed with any fun projects/ideas/images I felt interesting to share. Also, a photo journal of my growing kids. So you will read about food, literature, politics, feelings, kids and clever ideas. I try and thread all these entries with God's Love. I try to be mindful of the words and work on my post with "all of my might". I try but I might not succeed sometimes. That's where comments are important to me. In many ways, I often feel like Data in Startrek, constantly hoping to improve but I am more blessed than him, because God already gave me the whole emotional spectrum of a human being. Thank you for stopping by. May the blessings of God be with you always.

Original Post
When it comes to maintaining my weight it was never a "merry war". Because the minute it was merry, it was over. Or does it have to be? There are numerous literature waving the hope of an eternal "slender" lifestyle which can be both merry and realistic. So this is once again a challenge in my life, burn that fat! I have yo-yoed in the last 20 years but in sum, I have put on 65 pounds since then. That is a lot on a very short body frame. Result - hypertension and prospective diabetes in about 10 years. To enhance the picture, my youngest daughter is almost 2. If I don't do something about my weight, I am essentially reducing my chances of growing and living with her for a long period of time. Above all, what kind of message will I send her? That I don't love her enough to take care of myself?
So how do I get from there to here? A series of life's crisis, almost any ordinarily imaginable crisis that can cause a depression I have been through - horrible high school, insecure childhood, divorce, loss of wealth, ( some too painful to cite) you name it.... Does it make me normal now?  Instead of substance abuse, cooking and food is my prozac, my zone, my emergency exit. So here is the wish - I want to recognize myself again in the mirror. And here is the short term plan - Atkins for a month and then Jorge Cruise's belly fat cure diet indefinitely. How ? With little children, personal work demands, my resolution to reconnect with my loved ones and a finicky body clock ....hmmmm, I just have to commit. A food-I-swallow journal should be helpful. And this is why I start my blog. So if I fail, everyone is going to know about this.
But there is a problem, I get bored easily and I have a brain that runs at high speed. So this blog will be more than food in itself. There will be food triggered thoughts, imaginations and OOOO fantasies! All in God's spirit , I hope. There will be brutal days, but hey, there is always comfort food ;).