Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Poem to my Daughter

The day I found you.
It seems like yesterday we were toying
With the idea of adding
When I found you here with me
It was overwhelmingly uplifting

Was a cloudy day I remembered,
Thunderstorm lurking.
But I had to walk to get some air
For I am unsure of my undertaking

Then God peeked through the sky
Parted the clouds aside
A bright ray of light shone through
How unusual a sight

I looked up in the sky
With eyes closed and you inside
God and all we loved sitting by His side
Reached out and held me tight

And I know
The sky will darken and brighten
The rain will come and go
Everything will be alright

Because I now have you
Always inside
Our souls
Forever, bind.


Graham and Mabel Stewart said...

I love it.....what a treasure for Charlotte, a poem from your heart. I see Charlotte is a treasure to you too. Happy birthday, Charlotte. Well done, mum and dad, for raising such an awesome girl.

J Greathouse said...

Thanks Mabel. She is so beautiful. Makes me want to cry just watching her grow right at my feet. how can one human being possibly love another this much? And to think that God loves me the same way, if not more. Makes me want to cry again.

Kim R said...

Joan this poem is so heartfelt and honest I almost cried. You have a wonderful gift for expressing your feelings and thoughts through writing, which in turn is a wonderful gift for Charlotte. Happy birthday Charlotte! - Kim

J Greathouse said...

Thanks Kim, I am thankful for my inspiration generated from all 3 of my children. I am glad you like it. Even in my late teens, I was told by a few teachers my English completely sucks and will never make it to college.For me to be able to write freely today, is truly a blessing. I hope to give her something that will last for a very very long time.