Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Simple Rules - Digesting the meat in the Loaf of God

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I try to go to church. Even though no church is perfect. And the bigger the church, the more complex it gets. Often the church lobbyists in Washington don't even represent our beliefs when they pushed for their agenda. That is a topic for another day.
I go to church and study the word of God because I don't like to "lean on my own understanding", tried that for a few years and did not work out for me. I have also grown from like to love this guy called Jesus. And believe him to tell the truth. Hence, when he said " when 2 or 3 of you gather together, there I will be with you also." I subscribe to that.

My favorite weekday now  is Wednesday, because I look forward to seeing two groups of cool people. A lively energrtic team of southern older "mothers" who would cook us( a big crowd) a fabulous southern dinner, including salad and dessert and yes, Ice Tea. How they could consistently whip out an elaborate meal( different every week) that would leave completely clean plates is a mystery. As a cook, to find that middle path where everyone loves is divine. That is how their food tastes like. Whenever some sweet unruffled older lady lays my spread on the plate, I would ask matter-of -factly how they get it right each time (even with different cooks), their answer is always : "We pray before we cook. And after that." Meatloaf, green beans with mashed potaotes is the main course for tonight. Once again, it left me fulfilled and curious.
The second group is the rest of us who didn't cook and not so lively. We usually crowd around the pastor, Danny, who reminds me of someone from a black and white movie.  Clean-cut, well spoken and diplomatic. He has a serious set of eyes but a cheeky smile. So that when the crowd ( us) gets out of control (yes, we are humans) he has a way of calming us down without putting us down.
Tonight, he whipped out his loaf - a small book entitled 3 Simple Rules: A Wesleyen Way of Living.
Written a long time ago in a very different set of circumstances. But the rules seem timeless enough.

Do No Harm

Do Good

Stay in Love with God

Simple but not easy. It is a challenge to practise mutual respect, service and a deep relationship with God. But the good thing about believing in Christ is, you don't have to be perfect. Staying in Love with God is not easy, there are days I completely don't understand Him or gets really mad at Him for answering my prayers the wrong way. But I can always start with Do No Harm. As long as I stay away from people I really don't like, this one seems easy enough.

Note: Same time I was at church, it is pretty interesting to read this post of what is happening in Indiana's Wednesday Church.Read more here.

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