Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple Gift from the heart matters, so much.

If I ever go shopping, without a reason, it is almost always for gifts. Browsing through lined items smiling at me and making a magical match in my brain of which belongs to who is a happy hobby of mine. The fun part is putting together or dressing up somethings which look so shyly insignificant or irrelevant, into something that is totally perfect for one special person. Like I saw a beautiful teacup once on sale because for some reason, she  has lost her matching saucer partner. I found her a new handsome and old-fashioned charismatic saucer at Goodwill, spiced them up together with a mango green tea sachet, stuffed the cup with a few to-die-for lindt chocolate and a small scroll of Stew's funnies ( a joke about the jumping frog and the aliens). Then placed it in a small basket from Goodwill, added a small bouquet of roses from my backyard and surprised a friend on an ordinary day with no reason at all. Only to tell her how special she is to me and how much I value her friendship. The smiles from her face lights up even my face and the girly squeals can be so addictive.

This is an idea how a tea cup basket can be easily put together from connectingpieces.blogspot
 Well, someone did something wonderful for my yesterday. My friend ,Tulin - turkish, muslim, beautiful, lives down the street from me. She holds an important job at a local university here by day loves cooking and food as much as I do. And she has a smile of sunshine that never fades away. She can answer her door at midnight in her nightgown and she is still radiant like the full moon. She has a warm voice that makes you feel like you are at home, and when she looks at you with her gentle eyes, you can cuddle her as well as yourself. So it is not surprising that someone like her would think of me when she and her visiting mom made delicious apple scones yesterday. I was having such a mental block and no motivation to research anything when I heard the door bell rang. There she was, standing at the door, with the plate of aromatic apples scones, still warm from the oven, smiling at me, radiantly.
The apple scones that made my day :Secret ingredient - Love of mother and daughter
When someone gives joy, or attempts to, it multiples in amazing ways. I felt a new surge of energy. I was so surprised. I probably didn't thank her enough, but I also know she is that kind of person who understands. I came back in the house, made myself a cup of earl grey, stood by window and enjoyed my tea break. The naturally sweetened apple scones are light as feather, melted in my mouth as the taste of fall apples exploded. The world slowed down around me and I could almost hear an adagio chord playing in my ears. Charlotte climbing around, tasting, playing and tasting again. Everything seemed so peaceful. More reading followed, dinner prep, cooking, playing with kids, more reading, feeding the kids, then more reading and cleaning up. Bed time arrived and I was still smiling and able to read some more. Friendship, is a beautiful thing to have, and I am so thankful for my friend Tulin.
My lovely friend, Tulin, which is warmer? her smile or her honey buns. (Tulin Melancon teaches cooking classes at LSUS continuing Education, look her up.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Joan,

Our customs are very close! We like to share our love with our good friends with food! And that's all I wanted to do yesterday. I am so glad you enjoyed it! We may not see each other as much we wanted to, but we still think about each other all the time. Take good care my friend....

J Greathouse said...

Thanks for making my day, my friend.