Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Sunday started with Pink

Have you ever been so drawn to something so beautiful you just kept walking towards in the hope that you can be a part of it somehow? It happened to me at around 6.10am. When I woke up and looked out at the window. All I can see is most of the sky painted a shy sweep of blush. I walked out and walked on and above me was all pink. I ran back to the house, grabbed my tablet and try to take a picture but it really didn't do it justice. You can still see a little blush but it is a lot more beautiful actually.

Then Charlotte woke up shortly and sat in the middle of the kitchen doing her cat stretches.While her brother sleeps on.

We did get out of the house eventually after pancakes and scrambled eggs. Made it to Sunday School and Church. Charlotte had a great time at church today and came home with a pumpkin creation which she thought was a big candy. 


Kang Wei said...

you've got a blog!!! cheers (:

J Greathouse said...

Thanks, I try and post something everyday. Assuming someone would like to read it. hahaha.