Monday, October 24, 2011

Si Gua - nature's beauty vegetable that detoxifies and clears up your skin

My friends gave me these 
 Si Gua or Loofah. 
via Facial Rejuvenation with Traditional Chinese Healing Food
Si Gua (Luffa): This common Chinese vegetable enters and clears the Liver and Stomach channels. It clears heat from the skin and rejuvenates it, and is more specifically used by the Chinese for facial discoloration and wrinkle conditions.
To find and prepare si gua: You easily can grow these zucchini-like vegetables yourself if you have the space. You also should be able to find them at Chinese markets. Prepare them as you would any squash. It also makes an excellent topical mask for dealing with wrinkles, dark spots and uneven facial discoloration. The best way to collect the juice is to cut the vein and let the liquid drip into a jar, and then apply it topically to the face while fresh. 
It is spongy and has a naturally & uniquely mild sweet taste.And I turned it to this: 
I peeled the skin off, sliced them up and stir fry with Chicken strips, garlic, dried shrimp and wolfberries. Added some water and a little salt. No Sugar needed because si gua and wolfberry are naturally sweet.

Other cooking suggestions:
Si gua with shrimp

Si gua with eggs

Si gua with tomatoes in chicken stock soup.

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