Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Creations

Friday, I put together this cake for my daughter's 2nd Birthday. Berry Cake with Strawberry Icing from the store. The lady who wrote on the cake messed it up big time. I know if I rejected it, she would have to pay out of her own pocket, so I accepted with a smile and drove to Dollar Store and bought these fairies. Wrapped a ribbon around it and walla! Kids love it.

I was hungry for Pho Soup. Hence, last night's dinner - Beef Pho. I used Por Kwan Pho Vietnamese Flavour Paste to make the soup. Took me less than 15 mins. Trying to cut down carb so lots of vegetables and hardly any rice noodles. I also use rib eye beef. This taste just as good as in the restaurant. Cost less and much better cut of meat. The aroma of many spices, cinnamon, cloves, lemon grass etc was lovely. If you want to be elevate it to 5 stars, add some minced raw garlic, lime juice and fish sauce. Also add fresh basil and cilantro.

My husband wanted Steak. Kids wanted something soft, so onion , zucchini squash, carrots and ground pork soup. I didn't have any left over chicken stock so I used the swanson less sodium chicken stock. Lots of the zucchini went on this plate as well as left over to-die-for church's mexican corn bread.

I was very hungry for Kai Lan Hou Fan. So I stirred fried lots of garlic, kailan ( chinese broccoli) and season fish sauce. Added a little corn starch to get closer to the hawker's texture. Added a little of that ground pork from the soup. Sliced up some fresh chilli peppers. Dressed the whole Kialan gravy on a small bed of broad rice noodles (watching my carb). I didn't fry the noodles up to reduce fat, just let them soak in boiled water to soften. I loved it. The slightly bitter, sweet taste of this lovely vegetables, the silkiness of the noodles and sauce. Spicy, tasty, Yummy.


Margaret said...

Nice, mouth-watering pics! Bet your little girl loved the very pretty cake!!

J Greathouse said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, she did, weien was the one who was impressed only because he knows about fairies. We are probably going to start a fairy patch in the backyard for Charlotte using these figurines. Thinking about the safety issues.