Thursday, October 9, 2014

Common Core

There hasn't been any political agenda in the history of America, that has so successfully and silently slipped into the lives of the American public. Common Core is ultimately dumbing down our children in this country. Common Core literature equates reading Shakespeare as similar value to reading government regulations. Doing math without common sense but the most meandering way possible. The scary part is, it is erasing history, the centuries of classical education as we knew it, is being deleted.
Each child is a thinking and emotional individual, complete with their own talent and passion. Education is the way to liberate them and point them in their directions, not cookie cut them into an unbearable robotic life in order to serve the dictates of a group of elites. Because all the testing boards including SAT and ACT have dumbed down their standards, this fight involves everyone, not just the public schools. At the start of this year, I had to personally meet with the head of school when one of my son's recommended reading "365 ways to live green" was flawed with lies and unsubstantiated assertions. It was a brain-washing piece of literature which I do not mind him reading as long as he is also recommended an alternative perspective and substantiated facts. The head of school agreed.
The day I become Mom, it is my responsibility to know what my children's malleable minds are exposed to. They are my children, they are not a part of some mechanical system. I spend more time on vetting through their educational exposure and surrounding than anything else I do. Yes, we have a race, not against the China or Asia ( note: most Asian parents actually aspire sending their children to American College), we have a race to raise thinking and caring children.