Friday, May 2, 2014

Coffee Forward

Something nice happened to me yesterday. 

I was in a long line at Starbucks drive through. Staring at my clock on the dashboard, getting nervous and frustrated, It's too hot and I was sure I was going to be late to pick up my children from school. No one was moving, for a very long time. So long I had to pray for patience. 

I was going to leave but there was no way I could back up from the drive through without getting that someone behind me very mad. Then after what seemed like a week's worth of waiting, the line moved and rather quickly. When I pulled up to the coffee window, a guilty cheerful voice read my order. I tried to smile a half smile and handed her my Starbucks card. Her eyes widened and uttered the sweet words,
 "the car in front of you paid for ya!". 

I was so taken aback. I wasn't in the best of mood all day. That's perhaps why God felt I needed a "cheer me upper". And hey, what's more perfect than a cheer-me-upper coupled with a pick-me-upper? So Thank you God! I hadn't smile so widely for a while. It's amazing how powerful Mundane has over my jaw muscles. 

And out of my own selfish interest to feel even better, I paid for the car behind me. Wonder if I laid a wide smile on her face too? Would she feel as great as I felt then? To think that I could have gotten impatient and missed this great gift of joy. Patience does pay. And I suppose it's only logical for me to pay it forward. 

I love this country, good things still happen in this great country.