Sunday, June 17, 2012

Because you try - to my husband on Father's Day

By Joan Greathouse 

Because you try
The word Father has meaning
of an understanding heart
of strength, bravery and giving
weave together as a piece of art 

Because you try 
We will never have to learn
how insane abandonment can really be
at those life changing turns 
because you steer, you fight and with God you plea

Because you try
at every single dawn
we will always have your shoulder 
to cry on 

Because you try 
You lead us to see
what really matters 
is God first, then family

Because you try
we will never have to worry
about who our little girl will date
for we all know
you will not make it a piece of cake 

Because you try 
our children will always reach for the stars
as you have lifted them there 
and assure them 
they can be whatever they want, if enough they care 

Because you try 
we can shine like fireflies 
and swoon in the summer night delight 
Even an imperfect life
alas, can feel so perfect and right

Because you try
Generations of pain and separation 
can be ended for all
because you teach us 
Love is a decision, a commitment to God when called

Because you try 
There is hope
Even when today isn't right
we dust off, let down and recuperate
knowing in our hearts 
a better tomorrow awaits

How can we tell you 
how much you are endeared? 
How can we repay you 
all your unconditional love?

Except to tell you
we love you
with our hearts and our souls 
always and forever
Thank you for trying everyday
to be a loving father

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