Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 Smiling Carnations - Inspired by a Dream

3 Smiling Carnations
By Joan Greathouse

3 Smiling Carnations
Greeted me in my dream
One from each of my children
Cheerful and Pink

I stood down to their level
In order to hear them well
Their voices were meek
But their spirits were swell

Each sang a different melody
But together bore a jazzy touch
With eyes closed and ears wide
Their music melts my heart

Then they paused for a moment
And I opened my eyes
Curious, I asked
“That’s all ? Why? “

“We are the flowers of innocence”
The smallest of them declared,
"All of your Tenderness and Care,
Nurtured us to be fair”

“We want to Thank You”
said the largest of them all,
“For all of the Love and Time,
You've given us when you were called”

Then I saw the middle Carnation
All Puppy-eyed and shy
I turned to him and ask: “What’s wrong?  Pray Tell.”
A soft voice answered, “Could you please…..not yell.”

“ See we are Flowers of Innocence
But not for very long,
What we evolve to become
Depends much on what has been done.”

“The dust of Love and Patience
Ensured where greatness stems
So that someday, we will transform
To be ...Gems”

And with that, they went back singing
As freely as the Larks
As for me, I stood up.
Face to the wind
and GOD in my heart,
to do my part

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