Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An inspired Stomach can't hurt

Good food, great company.
This is my new strategy to cope with the week's goals. I have a lot of work to do but I want to eat well.

An inspired stomach can't hurt. I have decided to clean 30 mins every morning and every night.  After I get the kids out of the door in the morning,  cook for 1 hour a feast for the rest of the day.

That way, I am freed to work the rest of the day ( kind of, sort of) without being constantly interrupted with household chores. When the kids get home, I can do other mindless, interrupt-able activities.Baby Girl is being potty train now, so, another reason why I should eat before she gets back by noon.

I miss glutinous rice cakes. So I made these today with Sweet Potatoes:
Pillowy, Delicious, Comfort Food

Filled with Curry Veg and chicken
My own version of  unsweet Sukiyaki with Shrimp, Tofu, bamboo shoots and Miracle Noodles

Sweet potato Onak Onak. Filled with Brown Sugar. No coconut since I don't like coconut flakes.

My sweet girl entertaining herself while I work.

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