Friday, March 30, 2012

Benadryl is my new best friend

She loves to climb
 The Louisiana Pollen had finally overwhelmed me. Last few days had been rough. I felt like a fish without water. Finally, Stew bought me some allergy pills and took some time off work to let me sleep in. And the sun shone again when I woke up. We spent a lot of time outside today. Took W to Painting with A Twist and he painted something that represents Louisiana. Yeah, Alligators. He loved them. When I said there are lots in "Lousy-ana", he cried. " Why do you have to say something like that when I am born here?" So I apologized and he forgave. I also promised him I will never say mean things about the state he loves. I was insensitive and inconsiderate, I will do better. While W was painting, I managed to do a little shopping. They were 75% off. Now that I found Benadryl, I can get dressed for Summer.
She loves height
and she loves to pose for pictures
Loves to Lasso, good southern gal
Loves water
Weien's latest creation at Painting with a Twist

My summer  shoes

My summer hat. Suppose to protect me from premature wrinkling and sunburn. We'll see.

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