Saturday, February 18, 2012

In response to NY Time's Why China's Political Model Is Superior.

Is China's Political Model really more Superior?

There is a reason why millions of Chinese would rather apply for emigration permits in the western democratic political systems instead of China.

I love China, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

I have been offered many opportunities to move to China and live a life as an expatriate. With free high end housing, free international schools for my children,  live-in maids, chauffeur and free dry cleaning laundry services.Everything I make will go into my savings. Spa services every weekend and I would look like a magazine model. My husband can retire. I have enough relatives in southern China to feel much at home and would help us build a luxurious retirement there. It would be my deceased father's dream, that one of us will root again in his beloved homeland which he never visited after it became communist.

Truth is, I have tremendous admiration for my heritage and great respect for the diligence, humility and generosity of my ancestors. My father worked all of his waking hours, sleeping 5 hours a day, all his life. To say that Singapore's foundation was laid during that generation is an understatement. So did my grandfather and his father. And everything they made went into investment in their children or their communities. They spent nothing on themselves. A bowl of rice and a slice of pickled ginger made a meal. Their love and core were their families and my mother and grandmothers were committed to the same course.

So before I was married, I took up one of these offers and lived in China for several months. I tried to build a life in this marvelous country and the people welcomed me with such open arms it made my heart melted. If I spend everyday of the rest of my life just tasting a new dish and learning a piece of Chinese literature, after 50 years, I would still not have finished discovering China. Such are the wonders of China.

So why do I choose to live in a remote part of the United States with no prospect of a real job, no real Chinese food and look like a maid myself for more than a decade? The answer is simply this - I see no future for my children in China. Yes, I can give them a life of luxury if I move there. They will never know how to stack fire wood, pitch a tent or push a garbage can, they won't need to. My daughter will never learn to babysit for an allowance and would grow up like a princess. They will have helpers around them 24/7 even love. But they will grow up taking everything for granted, worship money and have no idea what responsible liberty means. Yes, they will make many friends and probably have a great material life. But their souls will die and they won't even know why or how. They will never trust in what that is good and true, but rely on cunning and sly. Of how to maneuver in the corrupt system in order to get things done or just to stay out of trouble. They will have a hard time building their Christian faith. There won't even be Sunday schools for them. They have to grow up attending church in secret and their teachers and coaches will tell them religion is man-made. That man are almighty and therefore there is no need to fear any spiritual consequences. Yes, they will probably not even know what hardship and endurance mean. They will believe everything the media or government says and learn that success comes to those who can outdo everyone else. Behind the facade of luxury, they will never own a piece of property more than 60 years (30 years for most people) and every single contract they sign in their life there is a clause at the end that pretty much says " the Chinese Communist Party has the right to change anything of this contract at anytime they like". Imagine Congress can change every contract of your life at anytime they like?

Some would ask, but I am the parent, I should be able to control these things right? No. Honestly, I won't have the power. Having lived there, it is an environment which I do not have the power to overcome for them. The temptation is too great and I am human. Even on money management, I can invest overseas if I live there, incidentally that is why China is buying up the US. Which only substantiate my point further.

Am I a nincompoop to say that all Chinese are money worshipers? No, I did not say that. In fact, I have met many underground Christians whose faith will put me to shame in a heart beat. I only know how hard it is for me and my family to have a meaningful life there. It is, to put it simply, a very corrupted political system where virtues and the greater good are used as a means to an end rather than an end in itself.

So the next time NY times wants to publish an article expounding on how great China is, please also publish an article explaining why most of the Chinese professionals in the US do not want to move back to China. It is wrong to mislead young minds to think that the Chinese Political System is truly successful. Their financial data is  mysterious and while they look like a financial superpower in the world, majority of the Chinese population is suffering. There is no uber growth formula, not even in China.

The Lonely Conservative writes it better than me. So please read his response to Eric X Li.:

I guess what he’s saying is the ends - a false sense of stability – justifies the means – the slaughter of innocents.
The author of the piece, Erik X. Li is a venture capitalist (who probably receives preferential treatment by China’s communist leaders thanks to writings like this) who writes for the Huffington Post.
This isn’t the first time the “paper of record” has published an op-ed on China’s greatness, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s a shame they don’t tell the other side of the story. How about telling the people about  all of those new cities where nobody lives? Or the massive income inequality that’s much worse than what progressives rail about here in the US? I guess toddlers getting run down in the street while people walked on by isn’t newsworthy; and the repugnant one-child policy isn’t worth a mention.
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Anonymous said...

All religions are man-made, and that includes Christianity. You need to used some common sense.

J Greathouse said...

I will pray for you, Mr Anonymous, you obviously need some courage to begin with.