Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beware the “Public Corruption” Amendment to the STOCK Act

Despite proponents’ previous attempts to pass such legislation, many of the potential overcriminalizing effects of the amendment have not been fully examined by Congress. Instead, the Senate decided to attach this amendment—one that wasn’t getting traction on its own—to a popular bill that is in the news every day and that the public generally perceives as a good piece of legislation.
Such a tactic, although convenient for supporters, is a terrible way to change law that can significantly affect individual liberty. In response, the amendment’s proponents now want to demonize those who would dare to come out against something that they misleadingly tout as a good government measure.
It takes courage for politicians to take a stand for good policy when opponents smear them as being against good government. But the public corruption amendment was a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing. Citizens should not be fooled into accepting policies that over-federalize and overcriminalize—even in the name of good government.

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