Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walgreens no longer accept Military Tricare Insurance

I don't get it.
Why Walgreens stop accepting military insurance? Probably because it is not that profitable for them. So now we move over to CVS. Never used CVS before but found that I love it. Service is good, well planned parking and access. It is a little further for us but it is worth the extra drive.
I was never a shopper at CVS. We use Walgreens all the time even though it costs a little more, whenever we pick up our prescription, we will pop in and get other stuff- candy, over the counter medication, office supplies, sometimes even eggs or other grocery items. Now, Walgreens will forever lose all these "other businesses" from us. If they refuse to take care of our medical needs, I don't see why we should support them in other products. So CVS, here we come. We are glad they welcome us with open arms and look forward to buying more stuff from them.
It is the same with Barnes and Noble here. I don't get it. Why they remove all the couches that make me pop in every time I have to wait for my kids in between pick p time. When I am in there, I usually end up buying at least one thing. Definitely coffee, plus a magazine or a book. Now, they lose us too. We almost never ever need to visit without the lounge sofas. I can get everything on Amazon, even cheaper. I don't even get into their door to get tempted by their products. So there you have it. Marketing 101, get the customer through the door first.

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