Monday, January 9, 2012

One day Protein Entree Home Cooking for Week ahead Meals

I am going to try a new strategy with meals.
(1) Homemade/Healthy/Low Sodium& Low Sugar/ Balanced Food groups.
(2) Delicious
(3) Easy and Inexpensive to Prepare

For this week, I am trying to make one meat + 1 side for main meals. Plus, more balanced lunch bento for Weien. Healthy Snacks and Juices throughout

Preparing For Week ahead Menu
(1) Bought Ground beef
 Brown in the wok without any seasoning. Can make up for 2 recipes this week
Lunch - Thai Ground Beef Salad. Recipes from a Taste of
Dinner - Thai Ground Beef Curry. I am going to modify fromThai's recipes
Left Over Curry, I can make another Lunch - curry over rice noodles
(2) I bought a 8 lb picnic Shoulder

Fried in our Oil Less Fryer for about 4 hours. It was raining but the fryer was still hot.Felt like camping having to cook something in the rain. Completely no seasoning. Not even salt.
Crackling skin and a huge tendon around the joint was delicious. Meat falling off the bone.
Dinner with a side of salad
Left overs are great for lunches, from recipe  - BBQ sandwich

Bones will be used for Stock. This joint bones would have cost about $5. And it is hard to get them here.

(3) Sardines
Got three of them. Pan fry easily and makes a healthy protein entree.
Left Overs can be used to make Sardine avocado sandwiches ( foodnetwork) or Sardine Open face with Pesto ( Martha Stewart Living).
 (4) Salmon and Cod - No need to cook ahead because it takes less than 15 minutes to pan fry. Resturant standard pan fry 1 minute on each side and warm the fish in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes plus-minus. Cover with foil to retain moisture.

I really love Fish so I am going to make Salmon with spinach twice (pic from I love a creamy sauce with it in Winter, usually a saffron creamy sauce or just the mango thick smoothie juice I bought with diced salsa would make a great side for any pan fried fish.

Pic from my
(4) Shrimp- No need to cook ahead unless it is tempura.
Super time saver. Can thaw in cold water in minutes. Kids love them and makes great lunch box food.
Tempura Shrimp. I wonder if I make them straight and make it into a rocket ship for weien?

Curry Fried rice. Secret ingredient - curry powder and Chinese dried Shredded pork with lot of onions and vegetables. Its a family favorite.

Martha Stewart recipe - orange thyme grilled shrimp.
I should have enough protein for now. I will post sides, soups and snacks, lunch boxes in the days to come.

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