Friday, January 20, 2012

A little Oak Tree

by J Greathouse

There is a little oak tree
in my backyard
that understands

Standing alone
fighting the unknown
So out of place
with the rest she has to face

she is among
a group of  Pines
All standing handsome
all fine

The little oak tree
hidden beneath
is adored dearly
by the Big Pine beside her she sees

The Pine is nestle among his peers of Pines
All standing strong and reaching high
Looks down on the little oak tree and say
Smile, you have me.  

The rest of the Pines
are always so nice
Everyone seems
To want her in the team

The little oak tree tries to be
A part of the company
So she leans close and stays small
Snuggly, observing from behind

The Pines are evergreen
Whether it is hot or cold
The Pines seems to thrive
the harder the times

No matter how the little oak tree tries
Half the year, brown she will go by
Stands out like an odd one
even though she is shy

See, the little oak tree
will never be
A Pine
Because the oak tree is an oak tree
No matter how Pine she wishes she could be

The little oak tree looks at me
and unlocks my heart like a key
Even though we are not the same
I know, she says, what flows in your vein

Surrounded by Love
Shaded by Security
Supported by Faith
Yet I still long
To be

In a far away place
where my mother is
and where the family
can always make me
Feel a little more, me.

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Graham and Mabel Stewart said...

Very chim.......... so sweet. Made me cry again!!!!