Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drunken Chicken Wings

I learn how to make this recipe from China Broadcast Channels here. It is delicious and great cold appetizer or snack especially when you have a crowd. Very tradtional Chinese New Year snack in Shanghai and Hong Kong. You can use shrimp, chicken legs or pigs feet instead if you like. the steps are almost the same but make sure you cook with the right duration for different ingredients.

Key Note : this is one recipe you must add sugar. Because as the wine ferment over time, it will produce a little bitterness. Sugar will take care of that. It will also enhance the freshness of the chicken.

via taste hong kong.com
Simple steps basically blanch the chicken wings until mostly cooked, dunk them in cold water, pat dry and dunk them into wine and seasoning in a jar. Can keep up till 1 week but usually it is gone way before that.

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