Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is a Home?

What is a Home? 
by J Greathouse

HOME is the sound and smell of people & pets that matter
Their footsteps and laughter
Their sighs and their whines
Home is where mismatched outfits seem normal
where no one is judged 
or care to 

Home is where everyday gets reset 
no matter how the previous day ends
Home is a place for imagination 
knowing no one here will ever laugh at your dream
But only cheer you on
no matter how impossible it seems

Home is where kindness is over-spilling
where we invite God in our dwelling
Home is where our weakness are accepted
as much as our strengths
Where we are expected to be imperfect
and can just be authentic

Home is a place of comfort
Where we can kick off our shoes 
if we have to 

Home is a place where we can be grumpy
Or be moody
Or even cranky
Yet we are still loved

Home is a place where respect is present 
and Presence is respected
where we can laugh at ourselves 
because we can be ourselves 
and have a self to esteem by

Home is a little piece of  Heaven 
God graciously let us savour
How unconditional love is like 
Home is where God make me His Instrument 
and the rest of my family  the band 

Home is the ever lasting love song
which can mend a broken heart
shrinks a darkening fear
melts away all anger
Fills our souls with joy

Home is where adventure is sowed
from simple discovery of God's beauty
It is a place you always gravitate towards 
Because in it, 
you are with the people that matters most
and cannot get enough of you 

Welcome Home

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