Thursday, December 8, 2011


"I really don't know what is going on even though I am acting like I do."
Spot the smiliarity?  About 30 mins after a general anesthetized surgery at around 7.30 pm yesterday.

To answer the question of  "What happened?"

It all started from here a year ago at a place call Cheernastics

An Ironic Logo
Cheernastics in Shreveport. Note the narrow kid trampoline.
Looks harmless enough? Actually yes, it is so safe it is a popular place for pre-school birthday parties

Until one parent thought to himself 
"Oh! Cool! This reminds me of my childhood! trampoline wrapped around the whole room!"

 "Oh my, it's calling me. I have to do this. hmmm..... my wife is busy talking to the birthday boys' parents.It would take me 10 seconds to relive my childhood and she wouldn't even know."
AH! Gravity Lessons! NOOOOOOOOOO! 
Thank God for Orthopedic Surgeons! Anesthesiologist Medicine! and Insurance!
Watch the ACL reconstruction animation video on the previous blog or click here if you are interested.
Look at my reconstructed knee and the cool peripheral nerve catheter. It doesn't even have be powered by the battery. The strap carries the pump that shoots pain killer into my nerve for the next few days. Brace has to be on for a while longer and rehab therapy for another 6 months. 

FRIDAY - Off day. "Pampered by my family. They still love me!"

Note:  Some stunts are not worth pulling....especially when they pull your ACL
And this is how Joan looks like right now.


Graham and Mabel Stewart said...

Poor Stew. What a hilarious blog......... did he like it? I loved it, esp how Homer was used to illustrate stewpidity. Boys will be boys, even if they are 6 feet tall. Gotta love him.

C. D. Sutherland said...

If that which doesn't kill you is supposed to make you stronger, you'll be very strong after this. Keep your spirits up, the knee takes a long time to come back. Catch up on your reading while you can.

Anonymous said...

Loved the story, the writing, the outlook, and the people. I particularly loved the cartoon of Marge (VERY BELIEVABLE). Joan, if this is the worse stunt you have to bear, it really isn't that bad. At least it is fixable. Stew, I know where you are at figuratively b/c I belong to a similar family. Take care & heal up for the next adventure. :D If I don't sign this, I wonder if you will know who I am????

Instugator said...