Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

I love these guys, the look so serious. Absolutely adore the gift WeiEn made for us in the brown lunch bag and the green package is by Charlotte. Wouldn't know what it is until Christmas.
2 weeks ago
Operation Dust Busting Began. Goal -A clean decorated house and warm cookies  to welcome Santa. Much like a cleaned up house with  Sticky Cakes to welcome the kitchen God in the Chinese New Year Tradition. This year, we decided on a simple Christmas. So, only minimal decoration.

Living Room Fireplace

Front door, it looks much nicer at night with lights on.

He is so cute, sitting on top of my tomato planter Christmas tree.

WeiEn's Class celebration

With his friends

He is so excited, last day of school for Christmas Break

Benton United Methodist Church Cantata - One word - FANTABULOUS! 

I bought the Char -Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer from Amazon. Click Here for Details.
  • Cooks turkeys up to 16 pounds, chickens, beef roasts, pork tenderloins, and other large cuts of meat
  • Does not use oil; no more splatter or flash fire safety hazard as well as no more disposal of used oil 

I tested with a piece of Pork belly
It works but took too long almost 4 hours. It was too cold and the meat too small. We will cook the Turkey in the Garage.

2 nights Before Christmas 
Chinese dinner everynight before a whole week of western food.

She can use her chopsticks. Stew really hates that chicken bone soup, it is too graphic for him.

I tried to recover this antique chair

With left over fabric

She loves this handbag her Aunt Lee Joo gave her

"Take a picture mommy"

She wears her coat this way, upside down so the hood is covering her behind.

She loves this book, sings the wheels go round and round she spins the wheels.

She loves her books

and her bunny

having supper with Daddy  and learning to use the big people  chopsticks

watching a video from Santa

He calls them by their names individually and lets them know what he learns about them through the year and what they wish for Christmas. Each of them is recorded in his Big Book and they have to watch if they pass the naughty or nice test by the elves.

Day Before Christmas
All Gifts Ready To Go out For Delivery by Stew and Paw Paw Elves. Charlotte went along to help too. Me, I was in bed because all the wrapping took 12 hours and went to bed at 4 am. 
For a friend who loves to bake

Pop Corn Tin is a great basket subsistute

These are for our family under the tree

My Favorite basket this year is for Grandma Marie made by me and the kids

It has a little something in it with cute tags. Here is gold coin chocolate and fortune cookie

a piece of asian jewel

Add caption

About 50  last minute gifts for delivery

Man and his Fire

Enjoying time by the fire with Paw Paw

Watching a Traditional Christmas movie together - Miracle on 34th Street

My lovely Dog Mowgli enjoying the warmth
 Dinner tonight?  Pork and Shrimp Tacos
Assemble it yourself like Popiah.

Easy to make, healthy and plenty to go around all night.

I recieved one of these home made Almond and Chocolate cookies from my friend Lisa and that is what Santa will have to night.

I hope my children would be asleep soon so Santa can get his job done soon also. I am sure he is Very Very Tired.

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