Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cute Craft For Christmas Day

This Elf Craft is so cute, I am going to try and make it with the kids on Christmas. Usually we made these crafts on Thanksgiving, but we were not at home then. I still have some left over Thanksgiving red felt which would be perfect. They make me smile.

you will need:

  • wooden dolly clothes pegs
  • felt, red and green
  • black fine tip marker pen
  • fabric glue

  • template please click here MoreArrowGrey.jpg
  • scissors
  • small square of white cardboard how to: (there are step-by-step pictures below)1. First, download the pattern ( please click here MoreArrowGrey.jpg) and cut out all of the shapes. Pin these to the felt, then carefully cut out your elf clothes
    2. Using the rectangle for the trousers, insert one end into the split part of the peg.  Wrap it firmly all the way around, and using a blunt butter knife, push the excess felt from the other end into the split as well.  Your elf is now wearing trousers
    3. For the shirt, make sure you have cut the little cross in the centre before slipping it over the head of the peg.Fold the felt in half to form a shirt and glue along the lines as shown on the template.  Press firmly for a minute to allow to glue to hold
    4. To hold the arms down, dab some glue to underarm of each of the sleeves then press together while the glue holds
    5. For the hat, glue down one side of the triangle then fold over, pressing firmly.  Fill the open end of the hat with glue before popping it onto the head of the peg

    6. Place some glue in each sleeve to hold the gloves, you might need to push these in with a skewer. While the gloves are drying, you can cut a small rectangle of cardboard and write some words on it from your favourite Christmas Carol

    7. Dab some glue to each of the gloves and wrap them around the cardboard to hold. Draw two dots for the eyes, a small nose and a mouth
    Wooden Dolly Clothes Pegs:around $2 per pkt from craft and variety storesFelt: Available from Spotlight, Lincraft or most art and craft stores
    Helmar Fabric Glue: 125ml - around $5.99 from art and craft stores
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