Monday, November 28, 2011

Tokyo One Sushi& Grill Houston

Situated right next to our hotel Willowbrook Residence Inn Mariott is this newly renovated Sushi & Grill Buffet. If you are looking for a Japanese & chinese feast completed with french dessert, good Sake and Hot Pot experience, this is the best place to go for only around $27 per person. Kid friendly. They loved making choices and of course, the desserts.

Hot Food Section:
Hot food section is right in front of the kitchen.  Here they make all the hot items that are cooked on the grill or fried and brought out under the heat lamps.  There were baked rockefeller Oysters, mussel and scallop on shells. Perfectly grilled beef, lamb chops and teriyaki chicken. The one end are dumplings with all its necessary condiments and the opposite end is the tempura station. Crispy, non-greasy generously big shrimps, vegetables and my favorite sweet potatoes. Start off on a cold winter's night with the soup adjacent to this section.

The Soup Section:
4 kind of soup await you here.  You can pick your noodles too.  Miso base. Japanese Pork, Thai Tom Yum and Korean Hot and Spicy. You can create your own soup by adding items such as thick fresh seaweed, quail eggs, onions, green onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables to the soup.

Cold Food Section:
FRESH FRESH FRESH. Like you are transported back to Singapore.This includes the Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, Yellow tail Sashimi. About 50 kind of American sushi and handrolls (temaki.) Includes Tiger Eye, Spicy Tuna, Rocky Roll, Spider Roll, Rainbow Roll, Spicy Roll, and Crunchy Roll etc. This place has the very special Shaggy Dog roll which I was too full to try but it is on my list of to do next trip. I was too busy munching on Dungress Crab ( entire half of it),the Alaskan King crab legs and the fresh Oysters. 

Salad Section:
My favorite Salad spread of all times. Baby Lotus Seaweed, Endamame, spicy squid, spicy tuna, Korean pickles, western Caesar, garden green, tomatoes and mozzarella, spanish creamy mushrooms etc.

Fruits and Dessert
Pretty much every fruit you can think of with sauces and dressing to eat them with. Delightfully small french pastries, creme brulee, mango pudding, raspberry layer cake, chocolate mousse, cheese cake.

Hot Pot
Individual Hot Pot will be set up at your table if you request for it. Load yourself at the Hotpot station with Korean sliced beef, assortment of vegetables and clams. Let the soup simmer and eat slowly throughout the evening. They provide Korean spicy sauce, sacha and sarachi chilli sauce as condiments to your hot pot.

Ice cream
When you are all set to leave, the waitress will take your last order for Ice cream. Choices are, red bean green tea, plum, peach, and mango.
It's hard to believe we ate this amount of food after a thanksgiving meal the previous day but we did.
7465 W Greens Rd
Houston, TX 77064
Neighborhood: Willowbrook
(281) 955-8898
 ( There are 2 in Dallas and 2 outlets in Houston)
P.S. Nice Restrooms, 3 smiley faces, even have a change table in the ladies. 

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