Sunday, November 13, 2011

Smitten by Smitty's Pizza

Weien's soccer team decided to get together for a meal after the season and one of the moms recommended Smitty's. It has been in business for 20+ years and yet none of the rest of us has heard of it before. 
When you walk in, immediately, you can feel the mom and pop atmosphere. Elaborate menu awaits you and the wonderful aroma of a pizzeria. The interior decor almost resembles a little of an irish pub, dark with booth seats and wooden panels. It is incredibly neat, especially the women restroom is unbeliveably clean. Service was great and the pizza, truly the best I have tasted so far in Shreveport. I love Johnny's but it is too greasy. I like Dominos, but too salty..Smitty's pizza is cheesy, crisp, not sickly salty and the crust is thin and crunchy. The hot wings are the best I have tasted so far in this area. Juicy and not too sour, not too salty with grill marks. You must also try the very unique pizza logs, pepperoni wrap with cheese and rolled in like an egg roll, baked. Kids love it. 
The crew seem to love kids and have no problems if your kids walk around the restaurant but ours never did because our waitress was very attentive to their needs, bringing them crayons, papers etc. It was a really enjoyable place for those of us with children.
Smitty's Pizza
9375 Mansfield Road
Shreveport, LA 71118

(318) 687-3030

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