Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kimchi and Bacon, how bad can it be?

Crisp Thick Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Kimchi wrapped in Chinese dim sum Mantou skin.

Ever woke up on a Sunday morning and find yourself scrambling to get everyone fed and get out of the door in time for church? Now imagine that with a family of very different palate ages from 2- 40s. Thomas is back from College this week and I really wanted to make him a good breakfast. For some reason, the resources for a good southern bacon and eggs with hash plate did not make it to my ice-box. Neither did time. So here I was at 8am in the morning, staring at an incredibly low supply of eggs, some bacon and some bread. The luxury of french toast is out, so was omelet for everyone. As I ransacked my freezer, I found a packet of Mantou skin. So I fried up the bacon in one pan, caramelized the onions in another, Steam a whole tray of Mantou skin in a wok and picked out the Napa stems from my treasured jar of chilled Kimchi. In 20 minutes, everything was done and served in their individual containers. Everyone could assemble their own fusion "white castle" sandwich. Before I finished cleaning up, everyone was fed and had fun assembling. All ready to be changed and walked out of the door. From the point of panic till everyone rubbing their belly, it was about 35 minutes. And I can stop pulling my hair and get ready for the Lord. Kimchi and Bacon, how bad can they be?


Michael Doemar said...

oh man, that sounds like the perfect breakfast for walking on the beach in Busan. You could carry a few of them while taking a trail to one of the temples that overlook the mussel farms in the bay.

J Greathouse said...

Sounds lovely Mike. Next time I bite into one which is this sunday, I shall think of the mussel farms.