Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I believe Herman Cain to be innocent

Cain is innocent of sexual abuse. If he were a playboy, someone would have come out to tell stories when he ran for Senate in 2004. Just look at the pathetic woman fumbles during interviews and how she loves the limelight. You can tell she is a phony. 14 years to report a crime commited towards her in front of millions of people? You can be sure timidness is not her reason.
We have to see Cain as a normal person whose skills are in making business, generating profit, creating win-win business deals, he is not a politician. He does not have the political experience to fight public ridicule like this. Not even the experience to hire the right political strategist to deal with this mess probably. But aren’t we all tired of a politician? He can always pick the most experience politician to be his VP, what matters are his principles and his belief in the constitution.I think we can see that from his life and his success stories, if you ever run a business, you will appreciate how hard it is to turn around a food business from red. It is not easy, it takes courage, determination, foresight and hardwork. Glib is not required though.

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