Wednesday, September 14, 2011

China's perspective on Iran's nuclear issues ( translated from China's News)

Xinhua Vienna, September 14 (Reporter Liu Gang) China's Permanent Representative to the IAEA, Ambassador 14, said China believes that dialogue and negotiations is the only right way to properly resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, in line with the fundamental interests of all parties.

On commenting on the Iranian nuclear issue at the The International Atomic Energy Agency Council Meeting in Vienna, China said that Iran as the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," party has the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, but also should fulfill relevant international obligations. China encourages Iran to fully implement the Board of Governors and Security Council resolutions, to further strengthen cooperation with the agency, sought to clarify the military aspects of Iran's nuclear program, including the outstanding issues related to Iran's nuclear program to enhance the international community's confidence in the peaceful nature of . It is also better to protect the rights of Iran's peaceful use of nuclear energy in an effective way.

China push the process of dialogue and negotiations and seek a peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue.
China welcomes Russia's proposal for a phased settlement of the issue. The initiative hopes relevant parties to intensify diplomatic efforts to resume dialogue and negotiations as soon as possible, in line with the principle of gradual and orderly progress and mutual benefit and to take concrete measures to enhance mutual trust for a comprehensive, long-term and proper solution of the issue to create the conditions. China is also willing to work with all parties to safeguard the international nuclear non-proliferation system and the overall interest of peace and stability in the Middle East, continue to promote peace talks and promote a diplomatic solution to nuclear issue of the process.

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