Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What drink are you having for VP debate on Thursday night?

I am preparing a jug of  Sangria so we can actually stay awake through the debate. Should I go for Spicy Sangria ( for sharp Ryan attacks) or Passion Fruit Sangria ( for Ryan's passion towards serving his country)?
medium          medium
On, the VP debate drinking game has a long list of rules, a few highlights here: 
  • -Every time Biden inappropriately uses the word "literally," take a sip.
  • -Every time Biden says "GM is still alive and Osama is dead," roll your eyes and take a sip.
  • -If Ryan responds by saying "al-Qaeda is still alive and your ambassador is dead," finish your drink.
  • -Take a sip every time Rachel Maddow smirks and nods to herself.
What are you having to drink? 
Also on the menu, in the name of Biden - Spiced nuts, Soft shell Crab(by) Sushi. 
For Ryan, wholesome vegetable cheese (wisconsin) Fodue
medium      medium medium

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