Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama's Second Term

Where have I been? I owe all my readers an explanation.

Last few weeks I have been busy with getting my children back to school and getting back into schedule. Of course, besides doing all the fun things as a family, I have been really engrossed in the Presidential Election. There is not enough words to describe how important this election will be for all of our future especially for our children. This is why I care about this event more than any other events outside my family.

If re-elected, Obama will have the permanent powers to replace 3 supreme court Justices in this country, hence shifting this country completely left. He would be un-tethered to any public opinion and launch his socialist agenda full swing. The America's Free Trade Capitalism is like a huge bus pivoting on the edge of a cliff. Obama's second term will push it all the way over. History has shown us, redistribution does not work. Name one country in the world which is socialist and is strong economically..

In his second term too, Obamacare will be firmly established in this country. Our health care and our children's healthcare will be in the hands of the bureaucrats. As Milton Friedman once said, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years, there would be a shortage of sand. Corollary : if you put federal government in charge of health care, in 5 years there will be a shortage of wealth. Do we really want our health care to be like utility? Can we be satisfied with healthcare being supplied cookie cut? One plan fits all? Not to mention the insane waste and neglect that come along in a heavy bureaucratic system. And what about innovation, research and the incentives to discover more treatments ?

The very founding principles that made America exceptional will be under assault. First to go out of the window will be gun ownership, follow closely by Freedom of Speech. As can be seen from Obama and Hilary Clinton's determination to enforce "anti blasphemy" laws as well as the infamous Fairness Doctrine.

Redistribution will be the backbone of the economy. Higher taxes to those who create private jobs hence lesser private investment. More punishment tactics on the wealthy (by Obama's current definition is $250,000 income a year), greater promotion of class warfare and covetousness. Obama believes in job creation coming primarily from government. The most inefficient arm of any economy. So we will witness a substantial  increase in size of government and more control in our lives. Basically, it will be the birth of Berlin Wall in America and cultivation of the United Nanny States of America. There will be a dramatic drop in standard of living and increase cost of living. Inflation will skyrocket. USD will continue to drop in value.

In education, the heart of all educational policies will be union-centric instead of student-centric. American students will be taught to "go to sleep" and let Obama's machinery rule their minds.

National Security will be at all time low. We are losing allies around the world, terrorism is festering at alarming speed especially home grown terrorism. More of fort hood incidents will occur and the next 911 incident will take shape. Calling Fort Hood work place violence. Turning Libyan embassy attacks into a law enforcement issue is winding the clock back to the first twin towers bombing. Exactly the way Bill Clinton handled it. Instead of nipping it in the bud, it took 3000 lives for Americans to learn these terrorists are determine to murder innocent lives. Re-enacting this approach is setting the stage for the next catastrophe.

Obama's second term is to America what the American flag is to the middle east, shredded and disintegrated to the ground.

What can I do as a parent ? Donate to Mitt Romney and Pray. Ultimately, less than 100,000 people in this country will determine the future of our children. It can be nerve-wrecking. But if we believe in God and Democracy, then we must believe that ultimately Good will triumph Evil. 6 weeks and we will know the future of America. In God, we must Trust.

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