Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christ Christie's calm Straight Talk Surprised many at Republican Convention

It's obvious that no matter what Obama does, his approval and likeability will not drop below 44%.  The new Republican message is positive, forward and energetic. Christ Christie was saying plainly, "Hey, we feel your pain." To the struggling workers all over the country  he sounded like a good friend,  no rhetorics, just straight talk. Makes you want to buy him a beer. 
Via  Tommy De Seno 
We New Jerseyans are proud of our governor today.
We wondered yesterday which shade of the colorful orator would show up in Tampa.
There was some reservation that he may bring on the full-Jersey and simply crack wise about the President all night.  That would have been fun, but the fear was that he may act a little too tough to play in Peoria.  This is the man who has made calling people "idiot" and "moron" part of his usual political discourse.
We wondered if he would reach out past the base to show the country that he has a green side (he's a man-made climate change adherent) or his bland colors, as in NJ he now talks of "walking the boulevard of compromise" to work with Democrats.
Chris Christie traded colorful for smart.  His speech was brilliant because it went right to the personal identifier of the base without cheap pandering applause lines:  He told America the way out of tough times was acknowledging our bad situation and working our way out of it.
Trade "love" for "respect."  The new tough love.  Just brilliant.
That message was not just for government budget makers, but for Americans on a personal level.  He contrasted society's makers from the takers.  On its most simplified level, that is the difference in political thought and lifestyle between American conservatives and liberals: Those who build this and those who don't.
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