Saturday, July 28, 2012

That Sucked, I Sucked, You Suck - Unique Components of American Exceptionalism

( by Stewart Greathouse - Brilliantly written)
The other day, Peter asked what it was that made America exceptional and he bemoaned the fact that America seemed no longer exceptional. He is wrong, exceptionalism is our culture and can be defined by our willingness to express/accept the sentiment contained in six simple words - That sucked, I sucked, you sucked. Allow me to explain.
That sucked - This is the most simple and is found in our innovative stance throughout the world. First look at our founding documents. The founding fathers looked at the political systems prevalent in the world at that day and decided that they would design something different. For an inventive example look no further than Edison - His research lab experimented with thousands of different filament materials to make his perfect light bulb - defined as one that lasted for 1200 hours. Obviously, today that number sucks.
For the vast majority of humans, however, things suck so badly that those unfortunate people have a difficult time picking those over which they have control and changing them. They are bound by culture (this is how my father fished and I must fish the same way), apathy (wherein everything sucks so terribly that it is difficult to pick something to change) or corruption - where the majority of their profits are consumed by petty bureaucrats (the spark that lit the Arab spring). We Americans are blessed with the heritage of Yankee Ingenuity and this is one facet of American exceptionalism that we export.

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