Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Historic turning point for Louisiana

The left can make fun of Bobby Jindal all they want. But he is the big Kahuna. Today is a good day for Louisiana. Today, a bold educational change is made, the most expansive ever in the whole country. God Bless Louisiana, our children deserve the best education we can give them. Our children deserve our courage. 

via Business
Many in America may have been surprised upon reading about the passage of historic education reform in Louisiana. This dawn of a new day in public education happened as a result of the House and Senate passing Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform package, covering school choice, scholarships, charters, tenure, and other governance issues. For a state that struggles to let go of its past, this was a monumental achievement—and a great day for children.

The rest of the country took note of Louisiana's actions. National business leaders read this in The Wall Street Journal: “Louisiana is poised to establish the nation's most expansive system of school choice by adopting a package of vouchers and other tools that would give many parents control over the use of tax dollars to educate their children.” Back home, a Times-Picayune editorial praised Jindal's reforms, saying, “Gov. Jindal is right to be bold. Despite those earlier reform efforts, Louisiana students still lag behind their counterparts in most other states. Implemented wisely, these reforms could make students more competitive—and improve their lives and the state's economic future.”

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