Friday, March 23, 2012

Why and How we will vote tomorrow

Louisiana votes
by Stewart

Saturday and as of this writing, the polls have Santorum 36.8, Romney 26.0, Gingrich 18.8, and Paul 5.5. (RCP polling data here.)
Louisiana has a closed primary and of the 46 Delegates to the National Convention, only 20 are available in the primary. To get any delegates, the participants in the primary must secure more that 25% of the vote - meaning that if the vote Saturday goes according to the poll above, Santorum and Romney would share proportionally the 20 delegates.
The other 26 delegates will be awarded in our caucus process. For more information, please look here.
I have held off deciding who to vote for until today. Members of the Ricoverse will kindly point out to all who comment here (and I will proudly admit) that I have held steadfast in my Anybody But Romney (ABR) stance since the race began - mostly because of Romneycare, his perpetual race for the White House, and because I believed that when he made conservative statements he was merely pandering. When Katievs said "I might be for Mitt", I declared I would support him in the General Election, but not until then and for these reasons.
My primary value in this election is best summed up by Glenn Reynolds, "I would vote for a syphilitic camel over Barack Obama in 2012." My secondary value is who to vote for in the Republican primary.
I gave Daniels some thought (only because of Ricochet) until he said no.  I liked T-Paw - but he didn't stick around. I have thought Bachmann - until she went Jenny McCarthy on me. I thought Perry, until he couldn't recover  from the his gaffe where he failed to name 3 cabinet postitions he would eliminate. Gingrich suprised me when he announced, imploded 3 days later, rose from the dead (figuratively and 3-ish months later) only to implode and rise a few more times before becoming mostly dead now. I was a Cainiac.
Ron Paul has a great many ideas, but his isolationism and defense first-on-the-chopping-block-but-I'll-double-talk-my-way-around-it-to-make-you-think-it-isn't doesn't even rise to beat the Syphilitic Camel.
Santorum has impressed me with his stick-to-it-iveness and I am a values voter. He resonates with me.
So, Santorum or Romney?
Two commentators I like and respect have lined up on each side. Michelle Malkin is going for Santorum. Ann Coulter for Romney. Both for good reasons, although I would like to see a Ricochet podcast where Ann has to rehabilitate her CPAC comments where she admonished that the GOP would nominate Romney and he would lose to Pres. Obama.
Today, something I saw at Hotair and here on Ricochet helped decide it for me. Santorum's spokesperson on CNN didn't help matters. No, Alice Stewart, Mitt Romney is not the mirror image of Barack Obama - That goes for you too, Rick.
There you go, Mitt - my vote for you is in recognition of your balanced budget in Massacussetts, your success in the private sector (and not, apparently, through crony capitalism) and your fundamental decency - oh and the willingness of your opponent(s) to immolate himself (themselves) in the pursuit of political gain.
Three things.
  1. Please continue to tell freeloader-wannabes to vote for the other guy.
  2. Do a better job explaining conservative values and don't apologize for your wealth (you earned it honestly).
  3. Focus your team on how to counter the Obamacare = Romneycare message, because your Federalism excuse isn't cutting it.
Oh and please send me a bumper sticker and a yard sign and put me in touch with your volunteer organization. I can give you 5 hours a week between now and November.
and stop robocalling me (that goes for you too, Rick).

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