Saturday, March 10, 2012

What will happen to your investment if Obama is re-elected.

I read Doug Ross's article 10 disasters America will face if Obama is re-elected.
which reaffirms my speculation about the election consequences should Obama win another 4 more years.

If you are like me,  you are just a simple home-maker, minding our own business. Focus on being supportive towards our husbands and our children. We are involved in handling of our family finances and watch over our modest investment very carefully. You don't even need to be American to be affected by Obama, as long as you have investment in any of the world's major stock markets especially in Asia, you would realized by now that if the "US economy sneezes, the rest of the world is down with flu". For the rest of the world's stock market to do better, the US economy must do better. Whether or not the economy does better depends on the political situation in the US. Whether this coming election appoints someone who will inject confidence into this economy, hence affecting your investment directly.

Here is a very commonsensical approach to analyze what might happen to your "purse" if Obama gets elected again.

1. Obama does not need to worry about being elected again so he can unleash his left wing agenda at full speed. Which means Obamacare will be here to stay so will the debt it brings about." The plan is a result of blatantly dishonest accounting for the real costs of the program, while grossly overstating its benefits. Americans should know the actual 10-year cost is closer to $2 trillion over 10 years, not the $950 billion claimed, when all the actual costs are toted up." ( The real cost of Obama Care by

2. He will seek to tax the rich ( which he defines as anyone making $250,000 a year does not matter if they have 10 dependents or one. He is the self anointed Messiah therefore he decides who is rich and who is poor)  as much as possible. Which means employers will be cautious and not invest in the US which means unemployment rates will continue to look rather bad. Those in existing business will be impacted by Environmental Protection Agency. So if doing business is hard now, it will get harder.

3. Of course big government, consisting of flawed human beings, will continue to expand and individuals will be told to give their money to the government and let the government decide what to do with it. 

5. Ridiculous green policy motivated by his interest to feed in to his cronies will be more evident. Gas prices will continue to rise and he will charge you $50 a light bulb.Also once again shamelessly demonstrating how successful the US government is at running a private business. read Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag by

6. More unconstitutional and unpresidential measures will take place. Cannot be exact right now but probably in the area of weakening the US military;  play down Christianity, play up any other religion especially in schools; align with the don't-want-to-be-employed but demand all their needs be met/ haters of the rich crowd; more world apology "USA suck" tours. Appoint more cronies in the office.

7. More Model of Disgust with regard to his decision-making as he checks his piles of multiple choices while eating his waffle.....oh the golf course(.read this funny yet true article from American Thinker.)

Bottom line ( in America, it usually means I am about to say something really awful), if he is elected, the presidential office of America will become even more of a joke. If you have a desire to run a profitable business or a plan for great innovation, will you do it in America? Of course not. So you will probably have to consider the following options with your finances/ life.

A) liquidate and sit on cash and wait till the imminent market crash before you buy again
B) Move out of the country - any country will do. China, will be less communistic. It will take another 8 years to have the hope of rebuilding what he destroyed, so probably you can move back in 12 years or so.

These are the same consideration I have for my own family. Glad to share with you. God bless America.

< Read my more updated description of his Second Term here.   Obama's Second Term dated 9/26/12)

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