Friday, January 6, 2012

Real umemployment rate is 11.4%, do not be fooled

Obama shamelessly falsifying unemployment rate. Oh well, he is in a campaign mood so they say. Exhibiting the worst kind of Presidential "salesmanship". You know, a real salesman actually has a job, sells something and contributes to the GDP. This guy has never had a real job. Wait, maybe that's why he cannot understand the term unemployment.

via Doug Ross @journal

Sure, "the unemployment rate dropped to 8.5%". And a unicorn-riding leprechaun is sprinkling gold nuggets like BaconBits™ on my front lawn at this very moment.

In other words, if the Obama Labor Propaganda Bureau (which is the name they prefer, I hear) used a reasonable labor force participation rate, the real unemployment rate would be:


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