Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warm smiles on an Icy Morning

All fed and ready to go to school

You never know when they will squeal in joy. When they heard the car is frozen with ice and had to be "thawed". They jump in joy for the bonus 10 minutes of  "Ben 10 time" (Ben 10 is a boy who can change into infinite number of super powerful alien figures to fight the bad aliens)

I got this Ben 10 legacy toy from amazon 59% discount and delivered to my house free shipping on Prime membership. Ben 10 Legacy Omnitrix 27896  for$14.29 -He can Mix and match. 35 interchangeable piece to create over infinite possible combinations. I highly recommend for boys who loves Ben 10. It says for 4 year olds but it is challenging enough for 6 onwards.

WeiEn has been working on it since 6.30am. Charlotte loves playing with action figure toys and making all the strange ferocious sound effects like her brother. She also just had an explosion of language in a week. Like an ah-huh moment took place and she can finally ask all the questions which have been building up in her system. An avalanche of questions descended upon her teachers and us last week. 

"What is this?" is said about 50 times a day

"Wha-ch-you doing?" - in a very southern accent, EVERY time she lays on eyes on someone

Making violent sounds is so fun for her
He is so proud he finally put this together after 2 hours

Toys = Self Image, for boys no matter what age they are

She has a gentler side too, singing jungle bells

"are you ok ? " talking to her dog

"I am the power of the universe!" while his sister hums " Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin lay an egg, the bat mobile lost its wheel......."

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