Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Painful week

This is a painful week for me. First, we have trickling Internet connection provided by AT&T. I cannot believe how plug in we are until we have an Internet problem. I feel like there is a lack of oxygen in the house. A totally uncomfortable feeling that slows me down to a point of frustration. For those of you who follows my blog everyday, please accept my apology, I am trying my best to resolve this problem and update at least one blog a day.
Then, there is the news of Herman Cain's consideration of dropping out of the Presidential Election. Largely because of his alleged adultery. I have been a great supporter of Herman Cain and I have watched him debate many issues and impressed with the man's ability to stay focus and refreshing perspective of problem solving. I am also impressed with his history of diligence and enterprising spirit. He was a hot tea party favorite and Democrats were afraid of him. So the left resorts to all means and ways of shooting him down. Including the lame accusations of sexual harassment. The same people who found it ok for Bill Clinton to cheat and lie now stone Herman Cain to death with their double standards. And that did not bother me much. I was more concern about the issues and the debates put forth by Herman Cain.
Recently though, something happened. Poll has shown a surge for Newt and supporters of Herman Cain are now migrating over to Newt. Newt is not a clean sheet of white paper when it comes to area of emotional/romantic commitment. He has cheated on several of his wives and in fact this last wife of his is a mistress when he was married to his Second. So people are not jumping ship because Herman Cain is being accused of this or that affair. People are jumping ship because Herman Cain is unable to solve his publicity problem.
I am disappointed with Herman Cain. Not because of the accusations, but because he is unable to appoint the right staff to solve his problems. I used to defend this point on a blog stating that he is politically inexperienced and hence he probably is not able to identify good political staff too. Then again, no matter how much I detest the state of politics, a president is a part of the political system. And if Cain cannot recruit the best talent and solve his problem effectively, then perhaps, he is not the right one to lead either. If both men cheat and one is constantly fighting the media about his affairs while the other completely divorces his personal life from his public life and is able to lead the media towards his policies, it is quite obvious who has the leadership. That said, it does not mean I like Newt or supports him at this point. I understand why people jumps ship and I am personally disappointed with Cain. But there isn't one that can come close to a Ronald Reagan.

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