Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The poor aren’t poor because someone else is rich

Is Obama’s Class Warfare Strategy Working with Americans? | Godfather Politics

People should feel insulted when liberals like Elizebeth Warren use rhetoric to try assume how stupid you are. She talks like the "rich" does not pay anything at all. Everyone who works and has an income is already taxed. The only people who are not taxed are those who does not work.

"Why does a non-rich person have the right to the profits that a rich person makes if he’s not willing to participate in the risks the rich person takes? Is Ms. Warren willing to pay back a company if it fails in the same way that she wants that company to pay in taxes if it succeeds?
There’s a lot that goes into making money. The non-rich don’t have to worry about payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, competition, rent, inventory costs, government regulations, hiring regulations, legal costs, and dozens of other unseen expenses. President Obama has never run a business. He’s never had to meet payroll or wrangle with the EEOC over hiring irregularities. He and his fellow Democrats believe that by passing a law, economic equity can be achieved."

"Prosperity that comes by way of the market place and not the halls of Congress does not benefit politicians. That’s why President of Obama and the Democrats want more tax revenue. With it, they can buy votes and stay in power. It’s not about helping the poor; it’s about keep more voters dependent on government."
Read more: Is Obama’s Class Warfare Strategy Working with Americans? | Godfather Politics

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