Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are you as frustrated as me with the Republican Presidential Candidates?

Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates from a Former Democrat

"Everybody’s got an ego, everybody wants to win, but if you have to achieve that by cutting down the other guy, maybe you don’t deserve to lead, not these days anyway. Things are too extreme, the stakes too high. We need someone who can rise above it. Maybe even smile.
Meanwhile, speaking as an ex-Democrat, you all have a real opponent. His name is Barack Obama and at that Vegas event he was barely mentioned. To most Republican voters these days his political demise is way more important than the identity of his successor. The war cry is ABO – Anybody But Obama – and it should be.
So ix-nay on the itriol-vay, even though we all know the media conspire to increase it. There’s nothing better than a slugfest. But don’t play into them. Again, you are giving the enemy what they want, but you are simultaneously doing something worse – you are diminishing the opportunity for meaningful dialogue. Read more here.

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