Sunday, September 18, 2011

ObamaCare, another of his dirty tricks

Report: HHS Suppressed Evidence of Massive ObamaCare Bailout Risk 

via by Dean Clancy

It's depressing as we read more and more of Team Obama's corruption.It is like watching my children's future burning up slowly.

"A trove of just-released internal Obama Administration documents reveals that the President's top health care advisors were fully aware that a key component of ObamaCare presented a massive taxpayer bailout risk, but they chose to suppress the information in their frenzy to push the controversial legislation through Congress.

If CLASS poses a bailout risk, why would the Administration have been so hell-bent to keep it in the larger bill? Answer: Money. Thanks to that 5-year initial lag in benefit payouts, during its first decade CLASS was projected to generate $71 billion in net premium collections. Team Obama desperately needed that money to help maintain the fiction that their bill was "paid for" and "wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime." Turns out it'll cost taxpayers a lot of dimes."

The documents, quoted extensively in a report released yesterday by the House Energy & Commerce Committee, reveal a shocking level of cynicism by the President's team -- cynicism that will cost Americans hundreds of billions unless the unpopular ObamaCare law is repealed.
The 185 internal HHS emails make for disturbing reading.
We see the Administration's own internal experts repeatedly warning Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's political appointees of the likelihood of a bailout.
The actuaries explain that the provision of ObamaCare known as the CLASS Act is so poorly designed, it is financially "unsound," "unsustainable," and likely to prove "terminal." "

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