Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama’s Constitutional Gaff over ObamaCare Displays Superficial Understanding of Constitution

Obama’s remarks expose a two-fold problem that currently exists within the White House. These include: a lack of comprehensive knowledge of the constitution, and lack of professional ethics involving the government process.

"The Supreme Court justices who vote to overturn Obamacare will be more faithful to the Constitution than those who vote to sustain it for the simple reason that, under the enumerated powers and 10th Amendment to the Constitution, health care is properly left to the states and the people to address as they see fit. Undoubtedly, some critics will try to impugn their compassion for voting “against health care,” but such allegations are red herrings, designed to distract people from the sole issue on which the Court sits in judgment—not whether providing universal health insurance is economically prudent, politically popular, or medically effective, but simply whether it is constitutional.
Whatever good intentions they may have, any justice who votes to uphold Obamacare will make a terrible intellectual error. They will have read into the Constitution the spurious notion that the purpose of the federal government is to provide a certain economic standard of living for all Americans.”

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