Monday, December 19, 2011

WeiEn and Charlotte - Indoor & Outdoor

She loves her Tablet. She can bring out her own learning program.

This tablet is very heavy but she is not daunted

now, finally in a better reading position

she can focus now. She has learnt almost the entire alphabet
She also loves to Play on the Piano

one of her favorite friend piglet listening to her

brother and sister duet

Did you like that mommy?
Wow, leaves Mommy.

This is the first time she sees a pile of leaves. Weien is pretending to be trapped

I am stuck !

Look, the leaves are burying my feet!

She loves the rustling sound of leaves

Lets make a giant pile

Sister is helping

she just picked the leaf from the lowest hanging branch

WeiEn is leaf collecting. Beautiful colours are irrestible.

I am going to ride my tricycle

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