Thursday, September 22, 2011

Team Obama's Corruptive Stench is getting Stronger.

‘Fast & Furious’ scandal deepens--Michael A. Walsh -

Eric Holder - Attorney General of the US
I don't want to believe this to be true. I want to believe that Team Obama is incompetent not evil. But mounting evidences are proving that these men would do anything in order to crack down gun ownership in this country, hence furthering their own ideological agenda.
An estimate of 200 mexicans and an american border patrol agent have been killed. Obama's handpicked Attorney General of the US, head of the Justice Department is NOT co-operating.
"evidence strongly suggests that Fast and Furious was hatched in the Justice Department in an attempt to paint law-abiding American gun dealers and gun owners as renegades, to give the administration an excuse to crack down.
In other words, it was a deliberate provocation, undertaken without a thought for how it might affect our relations with Mexico -- or how many people might die."

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Watch Greta on secret audiotapes that have surfaced and how the Justice Department is offering zero-cooperation with investigators.

via Instanpundit  September 21, 2011
ATF GUN-SMUGGLING UPDATE: New Fast & Furious audio: Border Patrol agent killed by F&F weapons was “collateral damage.”
Plus: “Is the DOJ’s probe of Fast & Furious actually a way to derail the House’s investigation?” What we need is a special prosecutor — someone without ties to the tainted operation at Justice.

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