Saturday, September 10, 2011

Changing course in weight management

Here's a sad truth but an expected one. I gained all of the 3 pounds I lost in the weekend to Okahoma when I lifted my carb restriction. Fortunately, I was able start shedding it off slowly again since I got back with the Sugar Buster Diet.

Sugar Buster's Rule of thumb - Nothing white. Including milk, sugar, potato, rice, bread, pasta that are white. In looking for substitute, I was amazed to find delicious multigrain carb. Barilla makes great multigrain pasta. Orowheat has a range of delicious whole grain bread. Stevia is still my favorite sugar substitute. Sweet Potato cannot replace potatoes, so my sons told me. But something has to give.
Avoiding refined sugar and processed grain products essentially means choosing only low insulin-producing carbohydrates. Insulin causes the body to convert and store excess sugar as fat and also store excess fat as fat.   
High fiber vegetables and whole grains are beneficial to the digestive process. Best part of this diet, fruits are encouraged. Meats are an important source of protein but should be lean and trimmed. Fat is allowed but cautiously.  Too much saturated fat and transfats = bad waistline, weak heart and blood vessels. Hydration is important and everyone is encouraged to drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Missing meals is not healthy. It is important to eat three regular meals daily, and appropriate snacks are allowed. But moderation in portion size.On days I do give in to temptation, I use Jorge Cruise's 15sugar, 6 carbs idea.( eg. eat half the french toast and use stevia)
The one that mess me up is late night snacking, it is not allowed. I do all of my cleaning, writing and reading after the kids are asleep. I am going to have to convert myself into a morning person, start living Singapore hours in America. Eating at night before going to bed only raises insulin level and encourages cholesterol production since most cholesterol is manufactured while sleeping.
I just stepped up my Exercise regimen. Brisk walking with a stroller for now and enjoying the perfect weather for the next couple of weeks. Ideally, I should have at least twenty minutes four days per week raising my resting heart rate to a fat burning zone of 140 per minute. The cold will soon befall and I will just have to find a way to hit the gym with my baby.

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